HA Accepting Domains For A Dallas or New York Auction – Reveils It Sold Luxe.com For $173,000

heritageauctionsHeritage’s February 9th Domain Name Auction has closed out with over $1.3M in sales. The New York auction featured a limited inventory of 29 names, and, with one additional pending sale in progress, Heritage Auctions (HA) have sold 20 of the 29 listed names.

Names that sold during the live auction include:
NL.com at $575,000
Classic.com at $172,500
8.co at $115,000

Heritage also sold several names during the post-auction period, including Luxe.com at $173,000.

The early summer auction will likely follow a similar format: A limited inventory of 30 high end domain names, most being .com, with a live auction held in Dallas or New York. The February auction was advertised heavily and HA plans to spend the same time and money with the early summer auction. This upcoming auction will be held in June.

Heritage Auctions is seeking names similar to what they have sold in the past:

  • Short acronyms of 2 to 4 letters: SIE.com, QR.com, NL.com, AIE.com etc.
  • Short one word .com names for branding: Digital.com, Classic.com, Luxe.com etc.
  • Short branding type names: Boho.com
  • Two word .com domain names: GunParts.com, StudentLoans.com etc.
  • Geographic names are interesting: Dayton.com, NottingHill.com etc.
  • Names with traffic and revenue might be interesting as well
  • Names with low and no reserve prices are always interesting as well

HA note: “Our buyers are seeking unique names and good deals. We are very selective. We sifted through a few thousand names for our February 9th auction, and settled on 29 that were a perfect fit. Our buyers are expecting unique opportunities, so that’s what we are hoping to give them.

“Please send your submissions to Aron Meystedt (AronM@HA.com). Please send your best names that fit the criteria above, and let us know your very best reserve price, if any. Don’t be discouraged if your name(s) don’t make the final list. We are trying to be selective, for our buyers.”


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