Heritage Auctions Accepting Premium Domains For Exclusive February Auction

heritageauctionsHeritage Auctions announced today that it has started accepting premium domains to be auctioned in the Exclusive February auction that will only feature 20 domains.

It has been just over one year since Heritage Auctions (HA) took the leap into domain names, intellectual property and digital assets. Heritage has logged several million dollars in premium domain sales via auctions and their private brokerage services. A press release from HA outlines the highlights of the past year for this department. See below.

“Heritage Auctions is continually seeking to improve our services for both buyers and sellers. With that in mind, our next domain auction is going to have a new look. We are now taking submissions for a very exclusive February domain name and IP auction, which will feature a maximum of 20 of the best domain names available on the Internet. This will be an exclusive event featuring an increased promotional effort through the mainstream press. We plan on targeted promotion through the Wall Street Journal, increased marketing to venture capitalists and entrepreneurs as well as continued promotion to investors.”

HA is seeking domain names that fit ANY of these requirements:.

  1. One word .com domains which are generic in nature, but ideal for branding.
    Examples: Blue.com, Free.com, Cool.com
  2. One word .com domains which define a category.
    Examples: Tablets.com, Sneakers.com, Print.com
  3. Short two and three letter .com acronyms.
    Examples: HA.com, QR.com, KIO.com
  4. One and two word .com domain names that pertain to finance, banking, the markets and luxury.
    Examples: Luxury.com, MutualFunds.com, Bank.com, StockMarket.com

HA will allow reserve prices, but they must be attractive to entice bidder participation.

Please make your submissions directly to Aron Meystedt, Director of the Intellectual Property Department:

Aron Meystedt
Director: Domain Name and Intellectual Property Department
Heritage Auctions
3500 Maple Ave.
Dallas, TX 75219-3941
1-800-872-6467 Ext. 1362

Here is the press release from October:

First-Year Domain Name Sales Hit $4 Million At Heritage Auctions

DALLAS — The recent sale of Cute.com for $230,000 brought first-year sales of Domain Names to $4 million at Heritage Auctions. The category has so far managed the sale of five of the top 25 most valuable domain names sold in all of 2014, according to Aron Meystedt, the Founder and Director of Domain Names & Intellectual Property at Heritage.

“The domain aftermarket is still thriving,” Meystedt said. “We’ve successfully matched sellers with knowledgeable buyers looking for the most valuable digital real estate available anywhere on the web. It’s immensely fulfilling to see Heritage to play a role in growing these important businesses.”

The groundbreaking concept of a major, mainstream auction house auctioning domain names became reality in November 2013, when Heritage sold more than $1.6+ million in names ranging from MutualFunds.com, Animation.com and QR.com, which closed for $230,000. Since this inaugural auction, Heritage has sold $4 million in premium domain name properties through both through live auctions and private brokerage, such as the case of the high-profile URL MutualFunds.com.

Select highlights include, but are not limited to:

Digital.com: $373,500
PY.com: $358,000
HY.com: $325,000
LK.com: $287,500
Cute.com: $230,000
XZ.com: $138,000
Animation.com: $112,000
DEC.com: $57,500
GunParts.com: $57,500
Bristol.com: $40,250
FRR.com: $32,200

“We are noticing the highest demand for short, one and two-word .com domain names as well as two to four letter .com acronyms,” Meystedt said. “These assets are very much in demand from investors and end-user businesses alike.”

In addition to live auctions and Private Domain Brokerage services, Heritage also offers Domain Buyer Services. To learn more, contact Aron Meystedt at AronM@HA.com or 800-872-6467, ext. 1362.


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  1. “One and two word .com domain names that pertain to finance, banking, the markets and luxury.” So it’s all about money.

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