Daily Domain Sales (3-14-2015): SMS.io $7,500, KeepApp.com $4,150

dailyI launched the “Deadbeat Buyers Database (DBBDB)” today. The first one in is Mr. Henry Porter from London, UK (#1).

Nominet Seeking Feedback On .UK Whois & Registrars’ Privacy Services

New Go Daddy Ad Starring Jon Lovitz (video)

Donuts “Freedom of Choice” Ad Campaign Video

New gTLDs Don’t Have A Major Impact On Phishing Yet – 85% Of Phishing Domain Names Were Registered In China

Domaining Europe 2015 Updates Agenda (Jeffrey Sass Will Review .Club Year One)

Sold The Domain Name City.Tips For 8,500 Euro ($9,335)

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To newbies: these prices below are 99% WHOLESALE prices except for some sales at Sedo. Here are the top domain name sales and auctions from Sedo, Namejet, Snapnames, Go Daddy, Drop Catch and Flippa (please note that a lot of the domain names listed below have not been paid for yet):

Sedo Domain Sales:

Namejet Domain Auctions:

Go Daddy Domain Auctions:

keepapp.com $4,150
datie.com $3,105
successline.com $2,950
womanous.com $2,700
modularoffice.com $1,625
lifestylepets.com $1,526
gameinvest.com $1,025
hempoilpills.com $835
gamescruze.com $833
nyyn.com $637
ajisai.com $550
wellnessiowa.org $530
molinara.com $511
veteranservices.com $404
namevalues.com $360
twitxter.com $355
predents.com $326
kingdomreality.com $290
sabumusic.com $288
carlosserrano.com $279
gillean.com $265
srigurunanaksahib.org $258
blockchainindustry.com $250
motionoto.com $225
jkeg.com $220
hempoilsupplements.com $205
firstscan.com $204
creativejob.com $157
yreh.com $155

DropCatch Dropped Auctions:
Mogensen.com $3,051
4C3c.com $119
AustinGdc.net $164
CheapApps.com $124
FacebookSex.com $105
Hitun.com $341
I-Kino.net $174
Myver.com $154
Pranaam.com $144
SloaneGroup.com $469
YunbaoxiaO.com $416

Flippa Domain Auctions:
sms.io $7,500
Torrie.com $3,256
chicagoapartmentsluxury.com $2,001
Cruisez.com $1,500
iptables.com $712
ScariestMovies.com $620
original.io $236
Amplifiers.us $220
Wantings.com $205


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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.

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