Moniker Announces Improvements & A Price Increase!

monikerThis is how companies are calling a price increase these days: “standardized discounting schedule”.

Moniker announced some improvements, some released and some upcoming, yesterday and thanked its clients for their patience with Moniker over the last few months. I don’t think there is any patience left.

The 2 security features announced are still not released, while other minor improvements have. Well. This is what was announced:

We have been gathering feedback from our clients and are continually working on improvements that we hope will increase your access to domain names and the ease with which you manage your portfolios.

We have been making and releasing new improvements regularly, and I would like to call your attention to a few of the more important enhancements.

  1. Password Resets [upcoming]: We will no longer be using plain text emails to facilitate password resets. Rather, it will become a dual authentication system similar to what you may experience with your bank.

  2. Transaction Notifications [released]: We have implemented a real-time payment notification system. This will serve to notify you of any processing issues with your credit card and provide a more detailed explanation of why an error occurred.

  3. Transactional Emails [upcoming]: We are improving transaction emails in terms of both quantity and quality to increase delivery rates and to avoid unwanted communications.

  4. Moniker Website Builder [released]: We have recently released a new product, Moniker’s Website Builder. You can now easily build and manage a website complete with a robust library of images and widgets for your blog or business. Packages start as low as $3.99/mo. Learn more at

Moniker also announced what seems like a price increase to 99% of its customers to both domain name renewals and registrations and domain name whois privacy:

In addition to the above changes, we are also modifying our discount policy. Moniker will soon be operating on a standardized discounting schedule for clients based on the number of domains within your Moniker account. In many cases clients will receive a favorable price change. In others, pricing will be increased to reflect our new policies. Learn more at:

The above discounts will automatically be applied to all registrations, renewals and transfers based on the number of domains in the account at the time the transaction occurred.  Expired domains are not counted towards your total domain count.  Discounts may not be applied to promotions or periodic deals on transfers, you will receive the lower of the two prices.  Prices include ICANN fees; taxes will be applied after discount where required by law.

Privacy pricing will also be modified to follow a similar pricing schedule. This is determined by looking at the number of domains within your account, not the number of domains using privacy within your account. Privacy is billed at the time it is applied to the domain name and on each anniversary of the renewal date.

Here is the current discount schedule:

Domain Name Registration Discounts

Number of Domains Percent Discount
0-99 0%
100-999 5%
1,000-4,999 10%
5,000+ You will be contacted by your Account Manager

Domain Name Privacy Discounts

Number of Domains Privacy Price
0-99 $4.00/year
100-999 $3.00/year
1,000-4,999 $2.00/year
5,000+ You will be contacted by your Account Manager

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