Moniker Announces John McLaughlin as New Chief Operating Officer

monikerMoniker announced today that Mr. John McLaughlin will assume responsibility as the new Chief Operating Officer.

Mr McLaughlin’s first statement might infuriate a lot of Moniker’s clients: “The new management platform represents an industry leading solution that we plan on developing further to deliver security and value added services.”

Is this what the Moniker’s owners told him to say? lol

I guess someone paid the price for all the problems Moniker has been having in the past 5 months. Although problems started when the mother company decided to impose its system onto Moniker.

Last week Moniker announced some new security features to help customers protect their domains from theft. It is: “Too Little, Too Late”.

“We’re excited to announce a new addition to the Moniker executive team, Mr. John McLaughlin who will assume responsibility as our new Chief Operating Officer. John brings over 25 years of experience to the team and we are thrilled to welcome him aboard.”

“I’m excited to join Moniker at a time when there is tremendous value in improving operations,” commented Mr. McLaughlin. “Moniker has always been a great service provider for domainers and internet professionals alike. The new management platform represents an industry leading solution that we plan on developing further to deliver security and value added services. Restoring trust in our operations is my primary goal and I am confident we can fully deliver on that promise.”

“John’s mission will be to improve quality management and process development so that we can more effectively bring better products to market. John’s wealth of knowledge will balance customer concerns with resource allocation to streamline operations while improving strategy and execution. As a new member of the executive team, we will utilize his abilities and management expertise to push Moniker forward while delivering products that better meet customer needs and expectations.”


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  1. Executives brought in for the purpose of a major restructuring, as in this case, need to operate on a clean slate. In other words, Mr. McLaughlin better look at the core of the issue: an insecure, bullet-ridden structure, with no connectivity between its layers and untrained/insufficient customer support. Can he make it work?

  2. Congratulations to Mr. McLaughlin as new Chief Operating Officer! Tech heavyweight skills he brings on board will solve platform issues and allow Moniker to regain its status as one of the top domainers’ platforms.

    Customer reps such as Dave Fede and Sean L and Dave W are the reason I want to stay at Moniker.

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