This Is The Buyer Of For $85,000

flippaThe domain name and accompanying website sold at Flippa for $85,000.

This was one of Flippa’s most popular sales ever and today Flippa has an exclusive buyer interview with Peter Boychuk, the new owner of – purchased via Buy it Now on Flippa for $85,000.

Ship-Your-Enemies-GlitterThe seller was Mathew Carpenter from Newcastle, Australia. is a website that allows users to purchase an envelope filled with glitter that is sent to one of their enemies for only $9.99.

The buyer Peter Boychuk said, among others, that has been using Flippa since about a year ago. He is a member of Flippa’s high-end brokerage service Deal Flow, and  purchased using that service last September.

He first discovered Ship Your Enemies Glitter while performing one of his regular searches on Flippa. As the auction moved closer to the end and the price floated around $70k he started to take more notice. He has a fully staffed warehouse for his other businesses, so he knew it would be relatively easy to add glitter fulfillment to their repertoire. He created projections, and based on the conclusions I drew, it was really a no brainer – he had to place a bid. So he bought the domain name at the Buy It Now price of $85,000.

Since buying the website he has already added the option to pay with a credit card, double the amount of glitter, and include a custom note. In the coming weeks and months he expects to add mail tracking and Bitcoin payment options, as well as the release of a blog and an app.

You can read the complete interview at here.


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  1. He needs to compliment his domain name with a better one also, I saw has a min offer of at least $1M now.

    A single word would be great.

  2. Looks like the site is in good hands. I’m glad because I may want to use it someday. 🙂

  3. Job security for Hazmat teams….

  4. If the sale is legitimate, and there are no “tricks” behind, this guys has a lot of money to waste, for a ridiculous business, which will be short-lived … typical of a bubble …
    and btw, IMHO postal services should not allow to sent letters which contain any “explosive” items, even if they are glitters, I’d see potential legal issues there … good luck with it! lol

    • I agree. Stupid business idea. It might sell in the beginning over hype and people with $10 to burn, but as a long term business model, I don’t think it’s sustainable. I could be wrong though… there’s a lot of weirdos out there.

      • I bet there are going to be a lot of people this time next year that will hear about this website for the first time.
        I see this every day.
        Sure it will have a peak and a decline but I think it will have a steady traffic from then on.

      • “I bet there are going to be a lot of people this time next year that will hear about this website for the first time.”
        Kosta, IMHO that site and his “business” will be vanished by this time next year … i think you know that bubbles burst …

        “Sure it will have a peak and a decline but I think it will have a steady traffic from then on.”
        It has already seen its peak, on all this media hype, now it’s time for the decline … sorry, but I don’t believe in bs … 🙂

        For sure there always be “weirdos” who waste 10$ for such a “service” (one of the most stupid things I’ve ever seen … really a sign of the times …), and other “weirdos” who waste huge sum of money purchasing useless junk.

        I think those people will experience soon what follows euphoria and “irrational exuberance” … and that will be for sure a harsh wake-up call.
        As J.K. Galbraith said, “Fools, as it has long been said, are indeed separated, soon or eventually, from their money. So, alas, are those who, responding to a general mood of optimism, are captured by a sense of their own financial acumen. Thus it has been for centuries; thus in the long future it will also be.”

      • Lots of press though. Ideas like this, as “stupid” as they are, gets fast and free press because they’re unique, and you know news sites are always looking for the next scoop.

  5. Interesting article. I was curious about the details of the sale when it happened.

  6. For junk lovers (lol …) here you can find a random example of a laughable business model website which received a great media coverage … but failed (closed) after only 2 months …
    And this kind of failures will increase next months … good luck! 😀

    • Andrea – Netropolitan was different in that it was only a fad in the sense that it got a lot of press coverage, but as far as I know it did not get a lot of users. It was not a consumer fad. The main problem with any new social network like that is that it is hard to get critical mass. Nobody wants to use it unless their friends are using it. Glitter shipping sites may be a fad, but that does not mean sales with go to zero. If the owner already has a warehouse and shipping staff, then his fixed costs for it are almost nothing, so it is a good business model. It is just a matter of how long the surge in sales will last from all the publicity, and how much damage all the new competing sites will do.

  7. Yeah well this website has been abandoned but has a working shopping cart. So you can order product or services and pay for them through the website. After that, nothing happens. Not even a receipt being emailed to you. No answers to emails inquiring why you were double charged. NOTHING! NOT ONE FKN THING other then having to waste the time calling credit card company to do a charge-back. If the same guy still owns the website then he is a FKN scum bag thief!

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