New gTLD Collision Domains Could Be Released As Soon As January 10, 2015

newgtldFollowing a 90-day public consultation period, ICANN is implementing a solution to allow new gTLD registries to release names from their Second-level Domain (SLD) Block Lists while complying with all Rights Protection Mechanism requirements. ICANN will provide affected registries with an addendum [PDF, 68 KB] to their Name Collision Occurrence Assessments that explains how to release blocked names, by 14 November 2014.

To release these names, the approach requires registry operators to implement an “exclusive registration period” that meets the criteria described in its “Assessment Addendum,” limited to the following category of names:

  • Included on the Second-level Domain Block List provided in the registry operator’s Alternate Path to Delegation Report.
  • Recorded in the Trademark Clearinghouse.
  • Withheld from allocation by a registry operator during its Sunrise Period or Claims Period.

Registry operators can choose one of two paths for conducting an exclusive registration period:

  1. Option A – ICANN Selected Exclusive Registration DatesRegistry Operator may opt into one of two exclusive registration periods published by ICANN by providing a minimum of ten (10) days notice to ICANN of its decision to do so, followed by at least thirty (30) days of an exclusive registration period. The start dates for each exclusive registration period will be publicized to enhance awareness among eligible rights holders. ICANN strongly encourages this option to streamline communications and expedite the process for release of names from the SLD Block List.

    For Option A, Exclusive Registration Period timeframes are as follows:

    • Exclusive Registration Period 1: 10 December 2014 – 9 January 2015.  Registries may opt in by 30 November 2014.
    • Exclusive Registration Period 2: 16 January 2015 – 15 February 2015.  Registries may opt in by 6 January 2015.
  2. Option B – Registry Operator Selected Exclusive Registration DatesRegistries not opting for Option A may provide an exclusive registration period under the same requirements as the registry’s original Sunrise Period:
    1. Providing a minimum of thirty (30) days notice of the exclusive registration period followed by a start-date (at least 30 days) exclusive registration; or
    2. Providing an end-date (60 days) exclusive registration period, provided that first-come-first-served is not used as the allocation mechanism.

All registry operators must submit their exclusive registration period information to ICANN via the GDD Portal.

The 90-day consultation was specified in measure II, Section C of the Name Collision Occurrence Assessment and a resolution of the New gTLD Program Committee of the ICANN Board.


  • Name Collision Occurrence Framework [PDF, 634 KB] Information regarding the requirements a registry must implement as part of this Name Collision Occurrence Assessment
  • Name Collision Session at ICANN51
    A presentation about the relationship between the Name Collision Mitigation Framework and Rights Protections Mechanisms. Includes Q&A with the ICANN community.
  • Name Collision Resources & Information page
    A central hub for all things name collision. Includes information for system operators, registry operators and the general public.
  • Public Comment Forum
    Public comments received in response to discussion paper on implementing rights protection mechanisms (RPMs) in the Name Collision Occurrence Framework.

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