.OOO Registry Talking Nonsense & Confusing 34,000 With 34 .ooo!

newgtldThe .OOO registry is talking nonsense once again on an interview with the IndiaTimes.com.

“Infibeam’s chief executive Vishal Mehta told ET that the company, being the sole owner of the global top level domain (gTLD), has seen massive interest from top brands across sectors worldwide that have registered for the dotooo domain names for their companies.”

Not exactly true. .OOO has almost 31,000 domain name registrations but about 30,500 of them are the premium reserved by the registry domains. Is 269 (the domains in the zone file) registrations “massive”? Maybe for .ooo it is. The real number is a bit higher than that as there are a few domains that don’t appear in the zone files but still…

“We expect a couple of million registrations within a year,” Mehta said.
Whatever.ooo. I have heard many crazy stuff lately. I don’t even blink anymore.
“He added that all 34,000 global brands registered with the Trademark Clearing House from over 100 countries have purchased the dotooo domain name from Infibeam, which will start delegating the domains from this month.”
I think he means 34 .ooo domains were registered by global brands. He is a bit confused.
“There will be a rush of brands to sign up for the dotooo domain to stop abuse and in order to safeguard themselves online,” said Sanchit Vir Gogia, founder CEO at Greyhound Research.
Who is this analyst and how much was he paid to say that?
I would suggest a good shrink.ooo. Great domain name if you ask me.

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  1. Can I buy an X,Y,Z and make a word? 😀

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