.OOO Should Rename It’s New gTLD To .LOL

newgtld“Over the next 6-12 months we expect to get about 1-2 million domain registrations under .ooo”.

All I can say is: lol. Maybe they should rename their New gTLD from .ooo to .lol. They will probably get more than the 500 domain registrations I expect them to get on General Availability.

But wait, Google and Uniregistry did apply for .lol, so I have no idea what to expect any more…

Business Line did a piece today on the .ooo New gTLD.

“Netizens will soon get an alternate to ‘.com’ after the rollout of ‘.ooo’ (Dot-Tripple O) by Ahmedabad-based IT firm Infibeam.com.”

“The new Generic Top Level Domain (GTLD) ‘.ooo’ is aimed at providing alternate domain registration solutions to those who have failed to locate their brand name or business names on .com domain”

Why get an .ooo domain when you have 500 better alternatives? The same argument applies to other stupid new tlds such as .xyz.“Also, ‘.ooo’ is seen as a mobile-friendly domain as it reduces usage of multiple keys on phones.”

I rest my case.

“This domain will be used by small enterprises as well as large corporate. We expect many to migrate from .com to .ooo as there is higher possibility of name availability here,” said Vishal Mehta, Founder, Infibeam.com.

“The company is targeting 35,000-40,000 trademark registered companies along with several SMEs.”

Whatever. The best New gTLDs have received less than 1,000 sunrise registrations so far.

“The new GTLD is the first of a kind initiative by any e-commerce company. Over the next 6-12 months we expect to get about 1-2 million domain registrations under .ooo,” Mehta told BusinessLine.

My prediction: 500 to 1,000 domains unless you go the .xyz way and waste some of your money.

“The sunrise phase opened September 22, 2014 (12 UTC-5.30 am IST) for trademark holders to safeguard relevant registrations. They are given time till October 23, when it will open for general availability.”

I can’t wait.

“Adding further, Mehta informed that India expected to be one of the largest domain name markets by 2017. There are a number of tremendous market opportunities for various stakeholders to get in early and leverage new domain names.”

Sure but it is a market you will not be getting any market share.


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  1. I think there already is a .lol, isn’t there?

  2. Kosta, the first thing that came to my mind when I saw it was that “ooo” is the term used in Russia for a LLC (limited liability company), which in this case means “Общество с ограниченной ответственностью” in Cyrillic or “Obshchestvo s Ogranichennoy Otvetstvennostyu”.
    Maybe they should try to sell it to Russians instead of Indians … lol …:D
    So much junk around these days … I still see a lot of failures in the newG space … just wait and see … ooo la la 😀

    • Nearly all 3 letter combinations mean something in one part of the world or another.
      That doesn’t make them good new gtld candidates.
      EPE is the LLC in Greece. You won’t see me getting a .epe extension this century unless they are free.

  3. They could have gone for .videos and made some real money on upfront registrations, what a waste, how do people with money make such huge mistakes. Did they think it would become a commercial standard. People looking for cute things do not spend money on domain names.

  4. While I don’t think they will succeed, I do understand why some people are betting on strange TLDs.

    Clearly, any extension that means something in any specific language won’t sell well in other markets. What they are trying to do is find something that is intentionally not linked to a specific language.

    Nintendo calls their latest console Wii specifically for that reason. Because Wii didn’t mean anything in any language, they were able to use the same name in every language… something they couldn’t do with previous names. Their original NES (Nintendo Entertainment System in Western countries) had 4 different names.

    That said, it’s odd that more than one company is attempting this strategy.

    • I don’t get it at all since when they did this they had no idea on other New gTLD applications.
      Why not pick iii or eee? None of these would work.

      It will intentionally fail in every language. 🙂

      I believe that branding does not apply to New gTLDs. New gTLD should be generic so that branding can be applied to it. Other than that there are the .brands.

      Well when 1000 companies are doing 1 thing and 2-3 companies are doing the exact opposite in some cases the 2-3 companies succeed.
      This is not one of those cases. lol

      • The funny thing is if their strategy gets any traction, and people buy them specifically because they are unique, that will only spark others to flood the “this TLD means nothing” market.

        If standing out as the one oddball has any advantages, having more than one or two nonsense TLDs will dilute any chance they had to stand out.

        I’m a huge advocate of Blue Ocean Strategies, but this is clearly a big gamble.

  5. I am not sure if we should discount a brand even before launch. I mean think of it, could someone have imagined a company named after a fruit create a dent on this planet.

    .lol is nice, but imagine medicalemergency.lol or heartsurgery.lol or any other serious business.

    IMHO, .OOO gives an option to create something different, something unique as it stands out from others.

    Other important point is that it is being launched in India which would have the highest number of registered domain names by 2017 – safe to assume a couple of hundred million, so are we underestimating the potential?

    I am eager to find out.

    • Jason, .ooo is not inventing the iphone.
      .lol was a funny suggestion. Both .ooo and .lol are stupid.
      You mean .ooo will be for serious businesses? lol again…

      It stands out of the others because it is stupid.

      It is not launched in India. It is launched on the internet like all other new gtlds.

      Yes, .ooo will have 50 million registrations in India alone by 2017. NOT!!!


  6. What’s the earliest date that we should be looking out for when one of these hapless tlds is likely to go bust?

  7. It’s too early to pass any judgement on .OOO. Let’s wait and watch how things come up. chances are that this new TLD get success especially in India as there are lot of small and medium level enterprises coming up.

    • No, it is not too early. It is way too late because YOU could have dropped the extension and got your money back months back.
      Now it is too late because you have lost your money. I am very sorry.

      This is not an Indian new gtld as you are trying to present it. It is a world new gtld competing for 500+ others that are better.
      India has nothing to do with this. Indians can pick between .in, .com and 500 others.

  8. This new top-level domain .OOO is equally seo-friendly, and hence i think people would think about it. After all, every online entity is fighting for that first rank in Google and other search engines.

  9. new TLD .ooo ! . domain name sounds cool… lets see what happens next

  10. For big brands, they will certainly give a thought to .OOO because normally they register all generic top level domains so that other lesser known brands do not register a domain in their (big brands) names.

  11. Price will play a crucial role. If .OOO offers competitive or affordable prices to customers, then I don’t think customers will have any problem in shifting to this new top level domain.

  12. This new top-level domain .OOO is equally seo-friendly, and hence i think people would think about it. After all, every online entity is fighting for that first rank in Google and other search engines.

  13. For start-ups, this could be a good opportunity to start their ventures; look at the trends in the last couple of years. i have seen many start-ups choose funny, crazy names for their websites, and if they don’t get their desired names in .com or .net, they can always think of this new Dot Triple O domain to fulfill their dreams.

    • Yes, .ooo registry employee, you have a very good idea. Only problem is that I am looking at the trends and you don’t.
      >butterflies, forest sounds, rainbow…<

    • The idea that OOO is a way for people who missed out on the .com versions to finally fulfill their dreams is completely misguided.

      Flikr, Fiverr, Sedo, Hulu and many other sites do exceptionally well in spite of strange names, because they have great content that people actually want. That’s the secret in a nutshell.

      Even though this blog is full of people who make money selling domains, 100% of us here agree that any site with quality content can become great even with a bad domain.

      That’s what’ funny about the new TLDs in general. The premise that if you couldn’t get a name you wanted using .Com, that getting the same name with .somethingelse you are giving people a way to finally build the site of their dreams is off base.

      If I wanted to build a sunglasses site, but Sunglasses.com was taken, that wouldn’t prevent me from having the best sunglasses site in the world. I wouldn’t bother buying Sunglasses.ooo, or any particular new TLD, because many people would leak to the Sunglasses.Com. Instead, I’d find some totally different, but memorable name. Zappos.Com and GoDaddy.Com outsell Shoes.Com and Domains.Com, even though those other names are a better match.

      In fact, if I created a successful sunglasses site called something original like “SlickestShades.Com”, and it became a huge hit, I wouldn’t bother re-registering it as .ooo, .xyz, .net, or even .sunglasses. I would just be happy with my .Com and let my competitors buy all those other TLDs and feel free to run Superbowl ads promoting them. I know a lot of people disagree with me on this strategy, but I don’t believe in defensively registering other TLD versions.

      • I think that if you have blueshoes.com you need to get blue.shoes.

        If I had “SlickestShades.Com” I would certainly buy Slickest.sunglasses and SlickestShades.sunglasses. Not sure about the “shades” one… 🙂

      • I know we differ on that. If I own the .com, I’m not concerned who owns those others.

        To be honest, if it blueshoes.com was my only business, for $10 or so a year, I may be tempted to buy blue.shoes, only under the possibility that some day people actually use them more than .com. However, I would have less temptation to get SlickestShades.Sunglasses… but very tempted if Slickest.Shades was an option.

        Deep down, any time I have a .com, the need to block others from using that name using any other TLD is very limited. It doesn’t cause me to lose any business, and can only add traffic if they succeed.

  14. ooo makes really no sense at all
    this is something for people who likes xyz, uno …
    nobody is searching for ooo and it means nothing

    i still try to find names that people search in google and that sounds well to start a business, affiliate or project.
    for example cheap.bear, what a great domain (5k searchvolume per month but arghs its premium. I hate premiums. to much risc for my small pocket)

    for example sports.ooo , fashion.ooo, art.ooo (the searchvolume is 0)

    I do not understand why ooo should be seo friendly ? seo friendly means:
    1. to find what people are looking for
    2. and to optimize ur website for it

  15. .ooo is no stooopider than any of the other gtlds. All are going dooown.

  16. This Konstantinople guy who wrote this article is a complete idiot. There are many reasons why the generic .ooo extension would be could for both a brand and for SEO. 2 very important reasons are it’s generic and unique, unlike the other 500 which came out that year. But his main argument is it’s “stupid”. Btw, the other gtld, .xyz, which he also called “stupid” is also generic and unique and is now the most popular extension of the 1000’s that they released! And reading the comments, those who disagree with him or bring up rational points, that doesn’t matter cause this cocky, narcissistic jackass says he’s right and they’re wrong. Onlinedomain.com, please screen your writers!

    • LOL. Konstantinople… Nice one. Haha. OnlineDomain.com is mine and I don’t even screen comments like this one. If you promise to buy 10000 domains I will roll out .jjj. A super great generic new gtld.

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