.NYC Has 26,853 Domain Name Registrations After Its 1st Day

nyc.NYC launched today and the 1st day results are not as good as expected. .NYC added 20,455 domains after its general availability launch. So it now has a total of 26,853 registered domain names.

I guess the Nexus policy hurt the .nyc registration numbers today.

Yesterday, .NYC had 6,398 domains in the zone files and most of these were priority domains bought in the NYC landrush for an extra fee (about $70). This 6,398 number included some domains that the registry has registered for its own use, some pioneers domains and of course sunrise domains registered by trademark holders.

There were 368 sunrise domain registrations. Any registry is allowed to register up to 100 domains for it’s own use and give out another 100 as part of the New gTLD founder’s program.

Also this 6,398 number did not include any of the domains that are to be auctioned in a few weeks. In the case of duplicate registration requests for domains, auctions will be held to determine the owner, scheduled between October 23 and November 6.

Today the 8th of October, .NYC became available for everyone to register for a $25 to $30 price on most registrars. Everyone in New York that is because only individuals & businesses with a physical address in New York City are eligible to purchase a new .NYC domain name.

.NYC has a pretty strict Nexus policy that only allows people and businesses with a valid physical New York address to register a .nyc domain name. Not even a P.O. Box address is allowed. This means that you can’t lease a .nyc domain name to a third party that doesn’t meet the nexus requirements.

.NYC did not have the most successful New gTLD launch yet. .London had 35,056 domains after its first day. Nevertheless .NYC is already ranked 17th among all New gTLDs. Both .London and .NYC priority program domain name auctions are pending.

(I am always comparing the same first hours from their 1st day for all New gTLDs. The hours between General Availability and the first zone files update.)


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  1. Nearly 27,000 on day one is far bigger than I expected. While it’s a big city, I’m still not sold on the idea of a TLDs value for and by people within a city.

    The way I see it, 27,000 domains didn’t come from 27,000 people. As big as NYC is, there are not 27,000 people waiting in line for domains.

    Like most of the new TLDs, my guess is most went to domain investors. With 27,000, that could be a few thousand people who bought a few each, and some people that bought hundreds of the most common categories of keywords.

    Me, I bought 2, and that’s twice what I thought I’d buy.

    • .London got better results and .nyc was expecting high 5 figures or even 6 figures so it is pretty disappointing.

      I will try and check all domains to see who registered what.
      But my guess is that it is not domain investors that registered the bulk of .nyc.
      There are not a lot of them in NYC. Nexus really hurt the results. I got 0.

      • Even I got 0, yesterday I step back to register harbor.nyc its got registered today what do you think konsta it was wise step or I missed good domain !!!!!!

      • Hhmmm. I don’t like too much so I guess you made the right decision. Or not… 🙂

      • After I gone through the “What (Bad) .NYC Domains Were Registered In Priority Period” – http://x.co/5cGvQ
        Now I feel harbor.nyc is far better, what do you say konsta ? Diverted funds to register Literacy.link domain but still hunting to register one .nyc to fulfill my strategy one domain in each extension

      • According to Andrew Allenmann, about 9500 were one domain / one owner, but at least 1000+ buyers who bought multiple.

        Based on subtracting the 9500 one-to-one buyers from 27000, and leaving at most about 8700 buyers among the 2 or more category (assuming they bought exactly 2 each). Given just the one buyer to one domain vs one buyer to exactly two domain scenario, it still shows that there were multi-domain buyers than single buyers.

        My guess is these multi-buyers included some who bought quite a lot either on behalf of, or with the intention to sell to people outside NY, so the number of multi-buyers could be much smaller.

      • These 9500 domains had a single application each. It doesn’t mean that a single buyer couldn’t have 1000 uncontested applications. so you can never know unless you look at whois.
        Multi domain buyers doesn’t mean much to me. A lot of small companies are buying variations.
        What I want to find out is how many people bought 10+ or 100+ domains.
        How many are parked at DNS or Sedo etc.
        Let me check the domains and I will have a post probably on Monday.

  2. I had a successful preorder for dir.nyc, but I question its value especially considering that dir.vegas isn’t registered. Welp, seemed like a good idea at the time.

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