Sells for $20,000 USD At Sedo

Sedo just announced that it sold the domain name for $20,000 USD.

The buyer is from California. The Eat Club is an online food delivery company that started in 2010. The domain is already resolving and it is functional.

The domain was sold by .CLUB DOMAINS, LLC that is the .club registry. The registry is listing thousands of .club domains for sale at Sedo.

This is the 48th 5-figure domain name sale for New gTLDs. You can find the complete list of 5-figure sales here.

Sedo also sold this week for $3,750, for $2,499, for $1,500 and for 751 GBP.

A separate list of over 750 New gTLD domain sales between $1,000 and $9,999+ is available at the paid members section.


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  1. Firefox version 29 tells me it’s an Untrusted Site.

  2. While one sale does not make a trend, regular aftermarket sales are what will instill confidence amongst the skeptical domainers of investing in a TLD. While I find the real estate and geo TLDs of interest, thus far I have not yet ventured into the new TLD domain space.

  3. Since they have the registered trademark “Eat Club” why didn’t they go through the trademark clearinghouse and get the name for a minimal fee? Am I missing something?

    Do trademarks not apply when the mark is separated by the dot?

  4. So it was a hold out by .club and .club registry sold it for $20k.
    Who cares, i was thinking when i saw your heading…WOW, great sale for that domainer..

    • Why does it matter who the seller was?
      What matters is that money is flowing into New gTLDs.
      Domainer sales will happen and actually sales are already happening.

      • Why does it matter who the seller was?
        your a domainer, it was a registry holding back names to sell on there own to make money for them selves.
        If your saying who cares where the money comes from, then why was everyone crying about uniregistry holding back names?

      • I don’t say I like it that registries are holding domains.
        But there are a lot of domains out there to make money from.
        I am sure I have a few much better that

        It was not crying. The problem with Uniregistry was that Frank said that they would NOT reserve any names and then he went ahead and reserved everything.

        Money is money and IF you have good domains then money will come to you too.

      • I wasn’t saying you personally were crying over uniregistry, i like you man, i think you speak the truth and stand up for yourself against the best.
        I was just saying people in general.
        As far as, i bet you do have better gTLDs than that, at least i hope you do, cause it’s not that great. But for the buyer and his myeatclub .com. it’s a good name.

        By the was go daddy keeps sending me a message saying that… is still available, i told them you were an interested buyer…lol

      • You send them a great lead! They should pay you commission after I buy it.

  5. received 5 million in funding last year. I wonder if they sought out this domain on their own or if Dot Club sold them on the concept of owning it. 20 grand is not that much for a defensive registration considering the upside of the company.

    The million dollar question is will they switch completely from and use the Eat.Club domain as the main site.

  6. Kosta, I’ve contacted the owner of, which IMHO should be the more logical purchase for this company and he told me he was offered 500,000 USD for it … can’t verify if it’s true, but … I told him I’d have accepted immediately! 🙂 … IMHO this domain is not worth so much … just my view though 😉

  7. Eat.Club is the perfect domain imo 🙂 No need to make it longer, although i can understand on the shortterm the .com might be “logical”, for now.

  8. NewGtldsAreCool looks better in that address box than eatclub com. great for branding.

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