Pool Starts Offering New gTLD Pre-Orders

I got email from Pool.com today stating that Pool has started offering pre-orders for New gTLD domain names that enter the general availability phase:

By popular request, Pool.com is now using its domain acquisition engine to obtain new top level domains that are entering the general availability phase.

As always, orders are risk free with no up front fees.


Pool’s website says:


Order as many domains as you like for FREE. Once we secure your new domain we will process your 1-year domain registration for only $60 US.

EAP preorders and Premium New gTLDs cost a lot more than $60 so I am not sure if Pool is going to offer Donuts EAP pre-orders or how it is going to treat premium domains.

Pool has been pretty much inactive in the past couple of years in terms of catching dropping domain names. Pool closed many of it’s registrar fleet. Namescout is of course still running. Is their system up to par with the other registrars? Let’s see.


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  1. DIdn’t they mess up a lot of people when they decided to close their backorder service?

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