Donuts: $5MM+ Total orders and commitments for new gTLDs services

Donuts, the largest applicant for new gTLDs, made a blog post where it published some stats about it’s new gTLD applications so far. They also said that they have 100 Accredited registrars on board but I must say that there are some important (especially to domainers) registrars missing from this list such as: Fabulous, Moniker, Dynadot, SCHLUND+PARTNER (5th registrar in the world) and others.

Here are the stats:
50+                          gTLDs live on the Internet.
100+                        Signed Registry Agreements.
200+                        gTLDs we think we’ll finally operate.
300+                        gTLDs we applied for.
$5MM+                    Total orders and commitments (to date) for Donuts services.

A few more stats:
19                          Current number of Donuts employees, and the number that gathered at                               NamesCon last week for our first-ever company-wide meeting.
1/29/14                  The day our first seven gTLDs will be open to general availability: .BIKE,  .CLOTHING, .GURU, .HOLDINGS, .PLUMBING, .SINGLES, and .VENTURES.
5                            Approximate number of Donuts gTLDs that will go live each week.
100                        Accredited registrars (so far) that will make available registrations in                                     Donuts gTLDs, representing over 90% of the registrant market.


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