Donuts 14 New gTLDs surpass 50000 domain name registrations – .GURU has more than 50%

The number of domain name registrations from the 14 first Donuts New gTLDs surpassed 50000 yesterday. The zone file domain name total is actually 49980 but zone files don’t include domain names without nameservers so the number is certain to be higher than 50000.

.Guru has more than 50% of all domain name registrations with 25393.

It must be noted that half of the New gTLDs enter the proper general availability tomorrow. At this time these 7 gTLDs are on the Donuts Early Access Program (EAP) where registrants pay a premium to have a priority registration.

New gTLD # of registrations
.GURU 25393
.BIKE 6031
Total: 49980

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  1. I think gtld fatigue will soon set in, If it wasn’t for .guru, the numbers would be viewed as a disaster.

  2. There is a lot more Guru’s registered than I would have expected….. Doesn’t this amount of registrations take the extension “out of the red” ??….

    • If you measure in registrations, EAP and premium domains I think it is out of the red.
      But that is the case because Donuts can divide some of the expenses between 200 New gTLDs.
      (that does not include the $185k application fee and the annual fee to ICANN)

      A registry with only .guru might still have been in the red even with 50000 registrations.

    • I think you have to factor in .guru was the first gtld of this new launch, that got a lot of people wanting to get in on the action, regardless of the keyword combination, as the true meaning of a guru has to be incorporated into the extension.

  3. The true test is when these domain names go up for renewal. If they lose 20 or 30% then what?
    I like it because it will give me one last chance to pick up some great .com’s for cheap during the next 12 months. The thing I still don’t get is what are they going to do with .guru, why not just use .pro instead.
    I am also not seeing the one letter working with ventures and others. If I was the owner of I would just do a sub-domain and collect all that free traffic. or use any letter before that. Even a 5% confusion factor is to much.

  4. Guru a mentor, intellectual, leader & spiritual guide. Such a great word how sad it has now been cheapened by an influx of 25,000 gurus, it’s no longer special. It spells trouble in dot guruland in the future. With a few exceptions like or which really fit, I see no resale value here. I could be wrong as I don’t claim to be a guru & actually think some new gtlds could do well but this is a different one in that the more .guru there are the more meaningless they become

  5. *


    Given the hype by mainstream media, those numbers should be much higher.


  6. Imagine if you’d paid $185,000+++ for .camera and had 180 registrations. Those are some soul-destroying figures. Hundreds more of these TLDs is going to cause major dilution in the market so, with the novelty factor at play, these are probably going to be some of the better results.

  7. Great article, extremely informative. Where are you getting the information from?

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