.Club Gets 25,411 Registrations On Day 1 And Now Ranks 6th Among New gTLDs

.Club general availability started today. .Club domain name registrations jumped from 370 yesterday to 25,781 registrations today adding 25,411 domain names in the first few hours of general availability. This was the second best New gTLD launch (for a non IDN string). .Berlin had 31,956 registrations after day one but it offered free domains name to Berlin residents.

.Club now ranks 6th among all New gTLDs. Here is the top 10:

1. .guru 55,103
2. .berlin 47,302
3. .photography 34,668
4. .xn--3ds443g (在线) 30,832
5. .email 28,186
6. .club 25,781
7. .link 22,991
8. .today 22,840
9. .tips 21,518
10. .company 17,729

I had some difficulty finding .club domains to register and I only got 1 but apparently others had more luck as the numbers show. Check out some reader’s registrations in an earlier post: .Club launched today… Did you get any .club domain names?

Watch below video with the .Club launch today at the Go Daddy offices:

Here is the .Club press release issued by Go Daddy today before the registration results:

GoDaddy, the world’s largest technology provider dedicated to small businesses, is helping customers find the right name for their business with the newest generic Top Level Domain (gTLD), .CLUB. As a word that translates across many languages, the .CLUB domain name extension brings immediately recognizable meaning and marketing value to names around the world.

There are millions of established clubs throughout the world, ranging from social clubs to health clubs, from yacht clubs to night clubs – making .CLUB one of the most versatile, globally relevant domain name extensions available. Premium names such as MakeUp.CLUB and Beauty.CLUB have already been purchased by MaryKay Cosmetics, a trusted global name in skin care.

“The new domain extensions were created to give individuals, businesses and organizations a way to create personalized experiences through easy-to-remember, relevant domain names,” said GoDaddy Senior Vice President and General Manager Domains Mike McLaughlin. “If you think about how many different clubs are out there – car clubs, ‘club’ sports, ‘of-the-month’ clubs – the list goes on and on. And with dot-CLUB launching today, there are plenty of opportunities for premium names.”

New domain extensions like .CLUB provide unique alternatives to traditional extensions, expanding the range of choices and creating new domain names to better identify websites based on their focus or specialty. The .CLUB domain also offers an enhanced and personalized presence on platforms like Facebook, Google, Yahoo! and LinkedIn, by creating a direct link to the group’s dedicated page.

“As the largest domain registrar in the world, GoDaddy is an essential partner in making this general availability launch of dot-CLUB a success,” said .CLUB Founder, Chairman and CEO Colin Campbell. “We consider dot-CLUB the one-stop shop for clubs of all sizes to secure a great domain, so we’re looking to connect this widely popular domain with consumers and brands everywhere.”

To register a new .CLUB domain name through GoDaddy, visit: www.GoDaddy.club.

In addition to domain names, small business owners can also utilize GoDaddy’s full set of offerings, which range from Website Builder tools and other services that help customers Get Found online, to personalized email addresses with Microsoft Office 365 compatibility and more. To learn how GoDaddy can help your small business visit: www.GoDaddy.com.


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  1. My guesstimate is the .club company has at least $7M invested into their contention, advertising, salaries etc… Godaddy has not backed any other GTLD to date as they did with .club, they are a powerful friend to have on launch day. The front page exposure was huge, Godaddy also had the cheapest registrations I found for .club at $10.99.

    I think .club gave the hobby, and leisure audience to much credit, and ignored how heavy these smaller hobby type clubs utilize facebook, and meetup applications instead of managing their own domain. Even if it is for their best interest, this is how end users choose to keep track of whatever club they belong to. The big established club’s already have .com’s. The domainers didn’t get any skin in the game, and most seemed to get their 3rd or 4th option, and were not to involved into it as the outlay wasn’t that large, but neither was their long term confidence in their term.

    I expected a bigger showing from .club, I know there were many backorders placed over the months, as the backorders were not expensive for this extension. You could get 10 backorders for $150, not bad. I really think the 25k registration number missed the mark, and showed weakness in this extension, many of Donuts recent launches have failed to even get over 2000 as well, but .club was very generic in regards to it’s audience, and priced 50% cheaper than some other extensions.

    I did some reverse registration searches to some people who had purchased .clubs with smaller portfolios, and many of these people had .biz, and .mobi domains in their portfolios.

    I can see them getting to 100K, but anything in the millions, I cannot see in even a decades time at this point in time. I sure hope I am wrong, but this reminds me of the other gtld launches I watched, and they kept saying just give it time, just give it time.

    • I have no idea what they have spend so far but it is a lot and not $185,000 like many people believe that a new gtld costs. (even an uncontested one)

      .Club is targeting clubs and while clubs may have 100 to a 1000 members they only need one domain name. And they probably already have it.
      New clubs is where they should focus their marketing and on online personal/fun websites.

      I didn’t think they will hit 50k on their first day as not even .berlin did that. They could get to 100k by year 1 but first year renewals will be hard…

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