Go Daddy whois bug with New gTLD domain name pre-registrations

I noticed a strange bug today with Go Daddy pre-registrations for new gTLD domain names. It seems that all pre-registrations default to a whois record for a registrant called “Fast Fix (Services) Ltd”. I had a couple of pre-registrations today and when I checked whois att 16.00 GMT I saw that this company from Manchester UK owned the domains at Go Daddy. The admin email address is “contact at fastfixservices .co.uk”.

I was worried a bit at first and checked to see what kind of company this was and it was a plumbing company. I also know that if there was another pre-registration for the same domain name then these are sent to auction. So at that point I thought that it had something to do with the auctions.

I then noticed that all Go Daddy pre-registrations had the same whois details so it had to be some kind of glitch.

About 10-15 minutes later I received an email from Go Daddy saying that I had won the 2 domains and the domains could already be managed from my control panel so all was OK.

So if you have a pre-registration with Go Daddy and see that someone else owns your domain don’t worry. Whois will be fixed soon.


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