’s VP Mason Cole: “we’re not really competing with .com”

Mason Cole,’s VP of Communications and Industry Relations, gave an interview on

At the end of his interview he talked about new gTLD popularity and how it compares to the success of .com: “But we’re not really competing with .com. They have more than 100 million registries in it. We didn’t get into this to have great big monolithic registries like that. We got into this to fulfill the idea of having new consumer choice for internet identities.”

He also said that’s investment in new gTLD is larger than $100 million but the precise figure wasn’t made public. Donuts started off with 3,000 candidates for names and whittled it down to the final 307. They raised more than $100 million and paid roughly $58 million in application fees for the 307 TLDs.

He said that the most popular new gTLDs will be .App, .music, .film, .book, .web., .love, .tech, .hotel, .News and .store.

Answering if any particular domain names have been sold really well so far he said that “We’re getting a fair amount of attention. We’re pretty happy with what we’ve seen, but they’re all doing pretty well.”


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