Donuts Gets 2 Millionth Domain Name Registration (400,000 Domains Have Dropped)

donutsDonuts Inc. has processed its two millionth first-time new domain name registration.

The name Schedule.HOLIDAY was registered this week.

Other recent registrations include:

  • Household.COFFEE
  • Lookup.WORLD
  • ILoveYou.FYI

Donuts, which expects eventually to run approximately 200 “not-com” domain names, or new gTLDs, now operates several of the most popular gTLDs by registration volume, including .GURU (67,202), .EMAIL (54,646), .PHOTOGRAPHY (51,945), and .TODAY (49,447).

Donuts now has 191 New gTLDs and about 1,600,000 registered domain names. This means that about 400,000 of the originally registered domains have already dropped.

“This is a strong indicator of the growth of new Internet identities,” said Donuts CEO and co-founder Paul Stahura. “Since we launched our first domain names just over two years ago, we’ve seen steady growth across the board not only in our ‘not-com’ extensions, but in all new domains. We’re now approaching 12 million total registrations in new gTLDs, which means more and more businesses, individuals and organizations are adopting these relevant and specific domain names.”

Donuts recently launched .WINE and .VIN into general availability, following one of its most successful Sunrise periods ever. The two names combined have more than 8,000 total registrations.

“The new gTLD program, still in its infancy, is undergoing rapid growth as the public discovers these meaningful new domain names and their allure beyond the mundane .COM and other legacy gTLDs. Further pent-up demand will be addressed in 2016 as “contention sets”—gTLDs for which more than one registry applied—will be resolved. Including names like .MUSIC, .INC, and .WEB, these sets represent some of what will be the most widely-used gTLDs.”

“We’re seeing that the semantic meaning and specificity of new gTLDs illustrate something to businesses and end-users,” Stahura said. “Not-com options are proving their worth against legacy gTLDs, and we expect that trend to continue, even as we’re in the infancy of the new gTLD program.”


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  1. .LAND is the best of the Donuts domains IMO. LAND does not necessarily mean the physical surface of the earth.

  2. Donuts has 192 TLDs. I don’t know where this 191 number keeps coming from.

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