Sedo: “” – Zournas: “No.thanks!”

Sedo just send me an email with the personalized subject:
“ – New Domain Extensions are here”

Well, all I could say when I saw the email was: “No.thanks!”

Yesterday I posted my New gTLD Ranking (Domain name registrations and overall domain investing potential). Now I can start ranking new gTLDs as they come.

.guru is a pure Tier 4 new gTLD. An extremely limited gTLD both to domainers and to end users. To me the word guru has some negative connotations and it doesn’t sound like a gTLD that you want to build a business on. I would be surprised if it survives the first 5 years unless trademark owners “support” it further.

Most people that want to have fun with something like this prefer to get a account that is free and not spent money on domain names, web hosting and web design.

As a domainer I would stay away unless I could get a few of the few .guru for reg fee that might be worth something if people take the gTLD seriously. As an end user I would also stay away unless I am a true guru. Then again .guru doesn’t seem professional enough.

Here is the email from Sedo:

Dear Konstantinos,

The New domain extensions have finally arrived.

After years of anticipation, the first new domain extensions like .guru, .singles, and .company are finally here. That means big changes are on the way, and they’ll impact more than just the web addresses we use every day. These new domain extensions are poised to totally redefine the Internet as we know it, offering unprecedented opportunties for Internet users to secure unforgettable names and get found online.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect name for your website or you want to build up your domain portfolio, United Domains is here to help you meet the future head-on.

Precise, Engaging Domain Names are Back
A greater selection of domain extensions means a wider variety of short, descriptive web addresses available. Because these new extensions are term-specific, you will have total control over how to present your ideas, products and projects online, and stand out from your competitors. Here are just a few possibilities for your new web address:

Extensions like these will not only bring greater choice and clarity to the Internet, they will also provide more localized online experiences. Thanks to upcoming regional extensions like nyc, .vegas, .boston and .london, any website with a local focus will be able to associate their offerings with their real-world locations, and harness web traffic in their vicinity.

Get the Jumpstart
Over the next months we’ll see hundreds of new domain extensions coming to the web. Every month, United Domains will release a new batch of extensions for exclusive pre-order. There are already a terrific set of extensions available for pre-order at United Domains, including .photos, .ventures, and .technology, but more are on the way.

With your perfect domain sure to be right around the corner, it pays to stay tuned to ensure a successful pre-order. All United Domains customers receive exclusive emails as new domain extensions released for pre-order. Your pre-order gets you a place in United Domains’ database for automatic domain name registration, starting with the first domain extensions in February.

Binding Pre-Order with United Domains
Are you a .guru in your field? Is .photography your passion? Looking for one space to display all your .domains? At United Domains, these and dozens more extensions are available for pre-order starting at just $14.90 per year. Here are just some of the extensions you can pre-order today:

.guru ($29)  .photography ($14.90)  .bike ($29)  .singles ($29)  .today ($29)
.careers ($49)  .photos ($19)  .center ($19)  .company ($29) .ventures ($79)

Pre-ordering means you don’t have to lift a finger on a hectic launch day. United Domains have a track record of 70% successful pre-order registrations in past launches. To maximize the likelihood of a successful registration, United Domains will submit pre-ordered domains for registration at the beginning of each extension’s availability.

You will only end up paying a registration fee if you get your domain, and be fully refunded if registration is not successful. In other words, pre-ordering is completely risk-free. No tricks. No hidden fees.

You read that right: there is absolutely nothing to lose by pre-ordering with United Domains. Don’t wait for your new domain name to pass you by.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. We all got spammed that, they are desperate to keep the lights on…

  2. .Company huh……….I remember when the .CO registry was marketing .CO as dot company and look how that turned out.

  3. Spamming is a no-no in selling TLDs. I will remind them that next time they offer me services.

  4. Every damn one of the gtlds will get the same exact reaction, “Thanks, but no thanks!”

  5. I got that Sedo email too! haha, it was like or … I deleted the email in a nano-second …lol

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