Sedo should include the offer “status” on the email subject

About 2 weeks ago Sedo did the obvious and started including the offer amount in the notification email. At first I thought why this wasn’t done 10 years ago. Then I wondered why the optional comment isn’t included in the email too.

Then I thought why the status of the transaction isn’t included in the subject line. There only 4 options (or even 3 if you don’t use the “counter” option):
domainforsale.tld – New Offer
domainforsale.tld – New Counter Offer
domainforsale.tld – Buyer Cancelled Bid
domainforsale.tld – Buyer Accepted Your Offer
That would save time as opening the last 2 emails is not needed.

Or even better why not include the amount on the subject too:
domainforsale.tld – New Offer: $xxx
domainforsale.tld – New Counter Offer: $xxx
domainforsale.tld – Buyer Cancelled Bid
domainforsale.tld – Buyer Accepted Your Offer: $xxx
This way you don’t need to open any notification emails. (Except maybe to see the possible comment on the counter offer!)

This implementation would take just 5 minutes on an already working system like Sedo’s. I wonder what is holding them back. Sedo has become very unresponsive and inflexible over the last few years. Is growth halting innovation and progress?

This is the news release from Sedo about the offer amount showing in the notification email:

Sedo Includes Offer Amounts in Notification Emails Updates to seller notification emails now include the full offer or counter-offer amount

We recently launched a small improvement to our notification emails that inform you when you receive an offer or counter-offer on a domain name you have listed for sale in your account.

This lets you see the full amount that your potential buyer has offered for the domain. We’ve made this change at the request of many of our sellers, in an effort to make it easier to review and respond to bids. Let us know what you think of this update by contacting us at


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  1. Personally, I think it is a security risk when *any* information is included in an email, as it can lead to phishing attacks. Email is not a secure medium either, it’s plain text sent over wired or wireless networks that are fairly easy to intercept. After logging onto Sedo, everything is transferred over SSL, which throws any such risks down to zero.

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