Backorder Zone review and how to win a free backorder credit

I got an email from Backorder Zone to complete an online survey and win a free backorder credit. Backorder Zone is a fairly new backorder service compared to others like Snapnames, Pool and Namejet. Apparently you need to already be an active member in order to receive such an invitation. This is what the email said:

As a member of BackorderZone we would like to give you the opportunity to voice your opinion on our upcoming development changes.

For filling out this survey you will receive a free BackorderZone Credit towards our backorder service.

I haven’t used this service much. I have participated in about 10 auctions and only won a single domain. My main complaint is that I can’t ever get them to reply to any of my support emails. I don’t care about their success rate. Success rates vary between the different backorder services and that is why the more you use the higher your success rate is. But their support is a serious matter and it is currently non existent. If they don’t start replying I will use my credits and stop using them. I am trying to get proper invoices since July with no luck. Finally I think it would be a good improvement if they could catch more gTLDs.

Also their website doesn’t include an address but just a phone number. If there is an address, I can’t find it. The address on whois for is:

registrant_address: 234 Hudson Ave
registrant_city: Albany
registrant_state: NY
registrant_zip: 12210
registrant_country: US

Whois doesn’t have a phone number listed!

So if you got the email above use it to give your opinion and get a free backorder in return. It seems that there are some upcoming development changes at Backorder Zone. Let’s hope that they also improve their support because people are going to stop using them.

Backorder Zone only catches .com and .net TLDs at the moment. Please find below the current backorder credit pricing at Backorder Zone. It is cheaper than most of the major drop catching services. The more credits you buy in bulk the cheaper backorders get.

Discounted rates apply within the credit packages listed.
1-29 credits – $49.00 each
30-59 credits – $39.00 each
60-99 credits – $29.00 each
100-249 credits – $22.00 each
250+ credits – $18.00 each


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  1. From what I have read and what I have seen (no address at website, no phone in whois) I would suggest using a prepaid credit card or a credit card with a very small limit for buying credits at Backorder Zone. I haven’t received a single reply from their support so that means I will not be buying any high value domain names with them.

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