General Availability Started Today: .agency, .bargains, .boutique, .cheap, .zone

Donuts entered EAP general availability for the following 5 New gTLDs today:
.agency, .bargains, .boutique, .cheap and .zone

.Agency seems to have some potential, .cheap is on the wrong side, boutique and .zone seems like too restricted and .bargains I just don’t like. I am sure that there are going to be a lot of registrations on .bargains as everyone like a bargain.

The following 3 New gTLDs are out of the EAP pricing and into the real (reg fee) general availability today: .Codes, .Farm and .Viajes (travel in Spanish).

You can register a (.Codes, .Farm and .Viajes) domain name using the Donuts EAP that is available in registrars that sell Donuts gTLDs. EAP prices start at about
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Public Interest Registry Announces Sunrise Period For New Devanagari, Cyrillic and Chinese Domain Names

Public Interest Registry – the not-for-profit operator of the .org domain – today launched the first registration phase, known as the Sunrise Period, for its three new Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs). Qualified domain trademark holders can now submit applications for each of these three new domains which translate to “organization” or “institution” in non-Latin-based scripts – one in Devanagari (.संगठन), one in Cyrillic (.орг), and one in simplified Chinese (.机构). Registration will open to all interested parties beginning May 27.

By allowing organizations to brand their website addresses in localized scripts, Public Interest Registry is providing opportunities for organisations to better communicate their mission, activities and accomplishments to audiences who speak and write in these widely used scripts. These new domains further demonstrate Public Interest Registry’s commitment to helping organisations maximize their audience reach on a global scale.

“The launch of these international domain names allows us to
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Frank Schilling comments on Uniregistry, New gTLDs and the affiliate program

Frank Schilling made a couple of comments in the past couple of weeks that I think are worth reading if you missed them.

The first one was on my post “How To Use: Uniregistry Affiliate Plus Program and Integration“:

I appreciate you and everyone getting familiar with our program. Affiliate Plus really gets more interesting and should begin to drive better conversions as more viable extensions at lower prices come out. For example next week Uniregistry launches .LINK .. This will be a $9.88 retail string with a recurring 35% commission for affiliates. .CLUB will be on offer two weeks after that, and still later, as other better extensions come out, the opportunity to earn recurring revenues will reveal itself.

In answer to the first comment, we are honestly not seeing any cannibalization “yet” on new TLDs vs existing SLD sales, in fact this should be our best March and April ever over at DNS. These have been very strong months (strangely so)

Also bear in mind that most Good names in new extensions will still be unavailable due to registry withholding, ICANN Alternative Path to Delegation (APD) lists and domain investor mining. Bringing more diamonds out of the ground does not make the price of diamonds go down.

The best use of Affiliate Plus in these early days is as a strong discounting mechanism on your own investments and if you are an affiliate marketer you will find dozens of ways to use the program to your advantage.

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Jeff Sass of .Club domains, Keynote Video at DomainFest 2014

Jeff Sass, CMO of .Club domains, explains how the new gTLD’s will change the brand marketing landscape and create opportunities for domain investors at DomainFest 2014 held at the Loews Hollywood Hotel in L.A on April 1st, 2014.

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Rook Media Acquires’s DomainSponsor Monetization Business, an innovative technology company that owns and operates a portfolio of websites and mobile apps in travel, retail and consumer finance, today announced that Rook Media, Europe’s largest domain monetization platform, has acquired its DomainSponsor monetization business. Terms of the transaction
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ICANN Appoints Fifth New gTLD Data Escrow Agent

Escrow4All B.V. has been approved by ICANN to provide data escrow services to new gTLD Registry Operators.

All new gTLD Registry Operators are required to regularly deposit a backup copy of their TLD registration data through one of the approved data escrow service providers. The data held in escrow may be released to ICANN under certain circumstances in order to preserve the stability of the TLD in case of an emergency.

ICANN encourages applicants to engage with one of the approved data escrow providers in preparation for Specification 2, Part B.1, of the Registry Agreement.

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ICANN sends notice of breach to

Please be advised that as of 9 April 2014, Homestead Limited dba (“Namevault”) is in
breach of its Registrar Accreditation Agreement (“RAA”) with the Internet Corporation for Assigned
Names and Numbers (“ICANN”) dated 8 August 2013 (“RAA”). was also sent a notice of breach last year.

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24 more New gTLDs were delegated: .college, .engineering, .media, .university, .gop, .yokohama

ICANN announced that 24 more New gTLDs were delegated for a total of 225 new gTLD strings. Here are some of the more important of the 24 new gTLDs: .college,  .engineering, .media, .university, .gop and .yokohama.

Check out the Launch dates of new gTLDs – Domain Name Infographic.

Below are the key Contracting statistics, as of 18 April 2014:

  • 1105 applicants have been invited to Contracting
  • 535 applicants have responded to their Contracting Information Request invitation
  • 450 contracts have been sent out for signature
  • 386 Registry Agreements have been signed

Here are the 225 New gTLDs that have been delegated so far:

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Thank you all for the 200,000 page views on

My blog reached a milestone with 200,000 page views during the weekend. Nearly 85,000 page views have been served in the past 5 months.

I started the blog in July 2012 and then stopped blogging in 2013 for a while after an incident with my web host that lost everything on my server and wasn’t keeping backups I was paying for. I was a bit disappointed and took a hiatus for 5 months.

I want to thank you all for visiting, reading and making comments that is one of the more important reason I enjoy blogging. Comments are now more than
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Afternic/Go Daddy Weekly Domain Sales: $20k, $17,650 (4-6-14 to 4-12-14)

Afternic and Go Daddy published their combined weekly domain name sales. The total sales for week 4-6-14 to 4-12-14 were $2.065.279.

A lot of domains sales were not reported because the seller and/or buyer asked Afternic/Godaddy to keep the sale confidential. Also only sales above $1,000 are reported. This is a list of the reported domain names sales at Afternic and Go Daddy and their prices:

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