Turns 3: 2,645 Posts, 600,000+ Views & 10,500+ Comments turned 3 years old this month. I have made 2,645 posts, had more than 600,000 views and more than 10,500 comments have been made so far. I started writing in July 2012.

The views and comments numbers are more than double than what they were last year. So this year was very productive and engaging for the readers. I made 1,145 posts this year. That is an average of more than 3 posts per day.

I would like to thank my sponsors:,,, and Startup.Club (from the previous months).

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Afternic Integration With GoDaddy (video)

afternicA new GoDaddy hangout series has started. It is called "On The Dot!" and its first episode features the domain name aftermarket and specifically Afternic.

Afternic Integration with GoDaddy: Get the low down on how Afternic works, domain listing best practices, how sellers can benefit and more.

The video was presented by the Afternic sales team on July 28th, 2015. Here is the video: Continue reading

Chinese Domaining Masterclass: “The Number Seven”

Chinese-Domaining-Masterclass-The-Number-SevenTLD Registry, the registry of Dot Chinese Online (.在线) and Dot Chinese Website (.中文网) top level domains, is releasing the first installment of their Chinese Domaining Masterclass blog series.

In January 2015, TLD Registry presented the world’s first, and still currently the world’s only Chinese Domaining Masterclass, at the industry-leading domain investing conference, NamesCon. After several months of research, development, writing, and refining, they created a 120-page curriculum for western domain investors to use as a resource to help them confidently invest in Chinese-specific domains, without knowing a single word of Chinese.

I attended the "Chinese Domaining Masterclass" in NamesCon and I wrote a blog post about it: 10 Things I Learned About Chinese Domain Names.

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Sedo Sells 499 Domains For $1 Million: $66,000, $22,000

sedoIn the past week 499 (480 in the previous week) transactions took place on Sedo’s marketplace and via SedoMLS, totaling $1 million ($1.5m in the previous week). Only 169 (188 in the previous week) domains from the 499 were reported by Sedo. The other domains were either private sales or domains that sold for less than 700 USD/EUR/GBP. Over 52% (52% last week) of total sales were the result of Buy Now listings. Sedo will not reveal what is the Buy Now percentage of the public sales vs the percentage of the private sales. And will not reveal what percentage of the total sales value do the Buy Now listings represent.

The average domain name sales price was $2,004 ($3,125 last week).

Please visit Sold.Domains for all the latest New gTLD sales.

Here are the 169 public and reported Sedo sales for the week July 13 to July 19 2015:

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Flippa Weekly Domain Sales: $9,000, $8,500

flippaHighest sale this week at Flippa was the domain names that sold for $9,000.

Post-Auction Negotiation was the method of sale for 1 domain of this week’s list.

There were 6 domains that were sold by Buy-It-Now and just rebranded "Flippa Portfolio Section" (previously known as Domain Catalog) had 2 sales this week.

Top Flippa Domain Sales from the past week:
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Verisign Q2 2015 Report: 133.5 Million .Com & .Net Domains With 3.1% Increase

verisignVeriSign, Inc. reported financial results for the second quarter of 2015.

Second Quarter GAAP Financial Results
VeriSign, Inc. and subsidiaries ("Verisign") reported revenue of $263 million for the second quarter of 2015, up 4.9 percent from the same quarter in 2014. Verisign reported net income of Continue reading

Changes To .UK WHOIS Policy – Nominet Introduces New Privacy Services

nominetIn response to the increasing desire for privacy online, following a consultation, Nominet is planning to introduce a new framework for privacy services within .UK. At the same time, Nominet will be clarifying the criteria for individuals who opt out of publishing details in the WHOIS.

Privacy service framework

Nominet will introduce a framework that allows registrars to sell privacy services for .UK domains. This means that Continue reading

Top 25 New gTLD Domain Name Sales Of The 1st Half Of 2015 (From Sold.Domains)

newgtldThese are the highest selling New gTLD domain names of the first half of 2015. All domains were sold for $10,000 or more either by the respective registry or by a domain name reseller.

You can find all New gTLD domain name sales at Sold.Domains.

Here are the top 25 New gTLD domain name sales from months January to June 2015: Continue reading

“10 Signs You Own Way Too Many Domain Names”

gtldsHover published a funny article by Michael Keshen called "10 Signs You Own Way Too Many Domain Names".

Michael describes what happens to most of the domainers:

"you find an unbelievable domain name that was miraculously still available, then tell someone about it and they give you a blank stare while they try to understand what all the fuss is about."

Ηere are ten things you can probably relate to: Continue reading

Premium .London Domain Auction: All Domains Have Bids, Rooms.London Is At 5,100 GBP

london-domainsThe premium .London auction featuring 50 .London domain names is underway and already one domain is over the 5,000 GBP mark and 3 are in 4 figures. With more than a week left in the auction it seems that the auction will be a success as all domains already have bids. Continue reading