Namecheap bans Russian customers and offers free services to anti-Putin websites

Namecheap has banned all Russian customers from using its services in an email you can see below. This ban includes even domain name registrations.

Namecheap also started offering free anonymous hosting and domain name registration to any anti-Putin websites for anyone located within Russia and Belarus.

Richard Kirkendall, Namecheap CEO, said he supports his team members in Ukraine:

Namecheap also issued this statement about their support response time and their staff in Ukraine:

“As you know, Russia has invaded Ukraine and is currently waging an unprovoked air and ground assault against the Ukrainian people. Namecheap has staff located around the world, with many of our support teams based within Ukraine.

Our Ukrainian family continues to inspire us with their resilience, their determination, and their selfless drive to help each other in this time of need. They have gone above and beyond, despite what is happening, to continue to contribute to helping our customers whenever they can while we continue all our efforts to get them to safety.

During this time, we may experience some load issues when it comes to providing help via our live chat or tickets. Please bear with us while we continue to adjust to the situation on the ground. Rest assured, our worldwide team is still working hard 24/7 to answer all of your support requests in the most efficient way possible.

We are also here to let you know that our services and infrastructure remain secure and stable. 95% of our infrastructure is safely located within the United States, and the rest resides within the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

If the situation changes, we will post updates on our Status page, on Twitter, and here on the blog.

Thank you for your patience during this difficult time.”


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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. Namecheap has exposed itself with this once again. That is, who it is controlled by and what their agenda is. Anyone who has done an ounce of research OUTSIDE the dirty corrupted main stream media knows that the propaganda being pushed on Russia couldn’t be further from the truth. For example: does that media tell you about Victoria “F the EU” Nuland and her role in the Maiden Coup in 2014 overthrowing the legitimate government of Ukraine and installing a Nazi regime there? Oops… no. I wonder why? To keep peoples’ minds under total control perhaps? Yep. Anyhow, NC lost me as a customer already when they did that rubbish with their hosting and censoring information about that so called and never-ending scary virus that we all allegedly needed to be jabbed for but really didn’t need to be.

    For those of you who haven’t figured out the game, THIS is how they foment war by creating hatred between peoples, and targeting the innocents (the Russian people, rather than the leaders) so that they hate you, and then also propagandize YOUR brain so that you hate the Russians. Anyone else notice the propaganda “switch” turned on against China when that magic virus was promoted?

    Actually, now that they all are doing this to the Russian people, I will now actively seek out companies who do NOT do this, and even go further and seek out Russian companies instead. Money always talks, and it’s great to hit them with their own game!

    • Rob

      You talk such shit that anyone would have thought you in Putain’s team as they are masters of misinformation.

      I say well done Namecheap, at least they have the balls to stand up to Putain and his regime, Namecheap are not controlled by anyone and it seems that they have no agenda except to stand up to the bully Putain.

      You talk of research, I don’t need main stream media, I love the videos coming out of the front line showing incredibly brave Ukrainians standing up to Putain’s tanks and soldiers, even when they have committed war crimes like shelling a town to rubble, including hospitals and civilian residences. Every time we see them hit back we cheer “Fuck Putain long live Ukraine”, from the hilarious car driver who comes across a Russian tank that has run out of fuel and tells them to fuck off back to Russia to those standing in front of Russian tanks, “we cheer Fuck Putain long live Ukraine”

      The only propaganda is that coming out of Russia; a country that tells so many lies that does not allow its media, public or State run to use true words like Invade or war to describe what Putain is doing.

      Anyone wanting to know the truth about Maiden, need only watch the documentary “Winter on Fire” it is on Netflix or people can download it, had the real Fascist Putain watched Winter on Fire he would have realised that he will NEVER break the indomitable spirit of the Ukrainian people. That even if he dominated militarily, he would be faced with a resistance not seen since World War 2 that would last forever until Ukraine was free again.

      Putain has stated his objectives, so it is clear to see that he has no intention of stopping at Ukraine, of course he will spread his vile lies and say he has no choice or he will perpetrate false flag operations to which he will say he must respond to. I predict he will start with Moldova, then Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia.

      However, that presumes that the people behind Putain allow him to continue with this gross mistake of invading Ukraine that is likely to send the Russian economy into the dark ages.

      They must realise that there is no way out of this for Putain, that he will double down until he gets to nuclear and throws away all the progress Russia has made, as well as take the lives of millions of lives in the obvious retaliation.

      Maybe he is deluded enough to think his hypersonic weapons will defend Russia, maybe a few but they are untested in the theatre of war and judging by the efficiency of the conventional weapons being used by Russians invading Ukraine, they ain’t that smart.

      Then there will be the retaliation from an attack of 30 countries of which at least 11 have nuclear weapons and many are deployed in submarines and will fire during and after any first strike by Russia. We know Putain is deluded but nobody in their right mind thinks that they can escape all weapons in a nuclear war. However, that will not stop the retalisation.

      So we all lose, because of the ambitions of the thug Putain, so the only answer is for those with the power or ability in Russia, is to give Putain a way out; take him out, say he got Covid, say he has terminal diagnosis of Cancer, say whatever you want but take him out. That is the only way Russia can stop Putain, they can blame it all on the megalomaniac Putain, call all Russian troops home and we can start the healing process.

      Nobody is against the Russian people, except maybe those that carry out the war crimes of Putain’s orders, I reach out to those Officers, advisors and backers of Putain and I say, “take Putain OUT”.

      It will take incredible bravery, but nobody has any doubt of the bravery of the Russian people, they are much like their brothers and sisters in Ukraine. Sadly they have allowed themselves to be ruled by a thug, a bully and a coward, for that is what Putain is.

      To break Russian law, sending conscripts into Ukraine thinking they were on exercises while he made up a fake story to his supporters that there were Nazi’s in the Ukraine leadership and that the Russian invasion would be welcomed by Ukrainians.

      The people with money and power need to take Russia to the next level, dump Putain and become a real democracy, your economy will grow and everyone in the world will be in a lot safer place.

      As for the vaccine and China, Rob, I am not Anti-Vax, but I am all for personal choice, I don’t believe in Vaccine passports and I doubt we will ever know the truth about China’s involvement. We can look at what they have published in scientific journals since 2003, we can look at their own studies of the genetics of Omicron and draw our own conclusions. With the benefit of hindsight I am sure we can all think of different ways we might have handled the Pandemic knowing what we know now. The fact it that it would be a brave or stupid politician that said they were prepared to sacrifice the most vulnerable for the sake of the economy.

      Nobody has a reason to hate Russians, just the things some of them doing right now while invading Ukraine or supporting Putain, but in time it will become meaningless as the only thing you need to create division that lasts generations is to kill children like Russian soldiers in Ukraine are doing right now. Also because Russian mothers will not be allowed to share their grief of how Putain sent their son into an illegal war on a friendly neighbour, so they will buy into the absurd nonsense that Putain is having his State TV espouse.

      I can tell you that the sanctions against Russia are at the earliest stage, many have already thought of ways to cripple Russia financially without firing a single shot. So far things have been done to send the message to Russia to “stop this war NOW”, these sanctions are only going to get worse and the sooner Putain is stopped the sooner trade gets back to normal.

      Rob, you talk about propaganda; it is Russia who has rushed in a law to give people 15 years for spreading what Putain calls disinformation about the military, i.e. do not call it an invasion, a war or anything but the Putain narrative. That tells you all you need to know! It is not just international law but Russia’s own laws that Putain is breaking or having his Officers break.

      I am happy to take up Namecheap’s kind offer to provide free hosting of anti Putain websites, anything that gets the truth to the Russian people and those who might finally realise that they made a mistake backing Putain. It would be nice to think that Putain would be hoisted by his own petard, with some polonium-210 or some novichok, but I will settle for him being arrested and put on trial at Nuremberg for the war crimes Putain has committed. The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in The Hague has already opened an investigation.

      PS. No I did not misspell Putain, look it up.

  2. Russia has a President with the same ambitions as Stalin and Lenin, who had Putin’s grandfather as Head Chef.

  3. Not a good idea for companies to start descriminating against Russians for what their president is doing. Just my opinion.

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