.ME premium domain name report 2021

The .ME registry released its premium domain report for 2021.

The registry said that demand for .ME premium names grew throughout 2021 which is one more indicator of the necessity of taking a business online and making customer relations more personal.

Premium Domain Sales – facts and figures

The data below applies to the period from January 1st, 2021 to December 31st, 2021 and includes the facts and figures on .ME premium domains created with registrars. Premium domains registered through our .ME Premium Domain Program are NOT included.

  • The total numbers of premium .ME domains registered – 72
  • Total revenue – 694,500 EUR. [*excluding the registrar’s margin which is usually from 15%  to 25%].
  • Notable companies that registered .ME premium domains include Work.ME registered by Meta (former Facebook, Inc.), ZM.ME registered by Zoom and Confide.ME registered by AvePoint, a five-time winner of the Microsoft Partner of the Year award.
  • Some of the premium domains are already up and running such as: Pass.ME (app for verifying COVID test results via QR code), EM.ME (the world’s first decentralized and fully auditable real-time liquidity marketplace), Rebate.ME (automated cashback from over 2,500 stores). Release.ME (A platform that assists Sellers with selling ‘off the plan’ real estate).
  • The top registrars – GoDaddy (37 domains), NameCheap (11 domains), Gandi (7 domains) and Key-Systems and PSI-USA  (3 domains each).
  • Top countries – the United States (51 domain), Proxy (11 domains), and Russia and Germany (2 domains each).
  • The total number of 1&2 character domains – 21 
  • Total number of three-character domains – 6

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