to power the auction of the domain

The domain name will be sold through a private auction. Auction details can be found at Official Escrow service providers for the auction process include San Francisco-based

The winner of the highest bidder will be informed of their status as the domain’s new owner on December 25th, 2021. The deadline for written bids to be received via Federal Express will be Tuesday, December 21st.

“ is indeed a rarity,” said Karine Kugler, CEO of The Three Marketers, upon learning that one of the most sought-after Internet domains will be sold before the end of this year. “With the emerging competition and explosive growth in batteries, this domain’s inherent value proposition for a buyer is clear: an Internet address as distinct and easily located as the Louvre in Paris,” added Kugler, whose marketing skills attract clients worldwide.

The market for domain names is stronger than ever, according to the Domain Investment Index, for Q1 2021.

“ has been facilitating the world’s largest domain transactions since the company started. In 2021 alone – Escrow did 50% of transaction volume in domain, with a significant portion of those domains being  “exact-match” domains such as,, and,” said General Manager Jackson Elsegood.

“Owning a premium keyword domain like – puts you in front of your competition for online search, provides instant credibility, and positions your brand as a global leader in the category. Companies that have invested in the most expensive “exact match” keyword domains have been able to dominate search rankings, save large amounts on advertising costs, and generate up to billions in revenue from owning the keyword. Making it difficult for competitors in the space to compete organically on search,” added Elsegood. recently celebrated safely processing US$5 billion in transactions over 22 years of continued licensed escrow service. November 2021 was its first US$1m revenue and US$100m GPV month.


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