DomainsBot: Domain search behavior in relationship to the availability of .com

DomainsBot did some research on “Domain search behavior in relationship to the availability of .com“.

Emiliano Pasqualetti, CEO and Chief Data Scientist and Daniel Ruzzini Mejia, CO-Founder and CSO analyzed anonymized data from the DomainsBot Name Suggestion service as they wanted to investigate how users search for domains, especially in relation to the availability of what they search as a .com domain and how their behavior changed during the last year.

The goal was to identify trends that can help them improve their service for the benefits of their users and the internet community at large. The takeaways of this first study are:

  1. The number of individual users searching for a domain grew by 37% since 2020. However, users are submitting significantly less queries per session.
  2. The number of people searching 5 times or less during a search session grew by 33% while those who searched 6 or more times shrunk by 26%.
    At this time we do not know if people are finding what they want faster or if they are giving up faster than before.
  3. The chances of finding an available .com matching exactly what the user searched for are less than 13% for a 2 word query and less than 40% for a three word search. Users need to type a query of at least 20 characters to increase the odds to 50%. These results are in line with last year.
  4. Users tend to search for domains with a certain number of words consistently. About 75% search for domains made of 2 or 3 words and they tend not to add additional words to increase their chances of finding an available .com domain to register.

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