Nominet starts a “Listening Process” that will take months!

Nominet has appointed independent research company Savanta to carry out a “major piece of research to understand the perspectives of members and stakeholders on the future of Nominet”. “The outputs from the listening process will be published and will inform a broader review of Nominet’s purpose and strategy.”

This listening process will be carried out over the next few months!

Seems that Nominet wants to stall the whole process that started a few months ago. Last month Nominet announced that four directors were removed from their board seats as a result of a vote at an Extraordinary General Meeting. Russell Haworth stood down from his board seat before the vote and also left the company.

As a first step, Savanta is running a short poll of all Nominet members to understand their priority issues. This will be followed by focus groups, an online consultation and finally in-depth interviews with a range of members and stakeholders.

Members will be contacted directly by Savanta, or can use this link, and will need their Nominet account ID or TAG number. The initial poll closes on Monday 26th April.

I can tell you what Nominet members want. They want what they asked for at the Extraordinary General Meeting! And they want it now…


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