Do people deserve a second chance?

Do people deserve a second chance? Of course they do.

But some people had many opportunities over the past 5 years to make things right or AT LEAST they had the opportunity not being an asshole to the people they owe money to.

Anyone that says “I had a good experience with him… blah blah blah” is simply an idiot to have a transaction with him in the first place.

Yes, that Adam guy is back.

Assholes will always be assholes.

Be well.


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  1. Conscience must have got into his karma.
    Maybe he wants to sleep better now as the nightmares are getting into him.

  2. At least he’s paying people back… at least that is the claim.

  3. Konstantinos Zournas @OnlineDomainCom

    As the owner of a blog site I expected so much more of you.
    Your unprofessional comments will be logged with google forever.

    Name calling like what you are doing is the lowest common denominator and it makes you no different than the person you are criticizing.

    Such a disappointing post in general and as someone trying to portray a professional image you have just sunk as low as a journalist can get.

    Feel free to delete this because I will cross post it on namepros.

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      LOL. Whatever. You know nothing about this issue.
      My “unprofessional” comments are the result of years of deception and stealing people’s money. So be it.
      By the way I am not a journalist.

      • You write on a blog, you contribute to an online community, you portray yourself as a professional.

        Then you go on to call namepros members idiots

        Hmm, journalist or not you owe a number of people an apology.

      • Konstantinos Zournas

        I don’t owe anyone anything. Now go talk to the “professional” that owes everyone everything.

      • Konstantinos Zournas

        1. I didn’t call anyone an asshole. Except maybe the asshole himself. You don’t even know why I said assholes in the first place! (And I didn’t even actually call him an asshole!)
        2. I didn’t call namepros members idiots. I wrote here, on MY blog, that anyone that still does business with him is an idiot. Does this include you? Is this what this is all about? Too bad…
        3. I don’t owe an apology to anyone.
        4. I am not a journalist.
        5. And you are saying it is now my fault if he doesn’t repay everyone? LOL

        6 months! Give me a break. You either have the money now and want to pay what you owe or you don’t. Ridiculous!

        You got nothing right. Namepros members are calling you pathetic. This is not kindergarten. Grow up.

    • @MapleDots.ca you must be drinking that damn cheap coffee from THorton.

      Anyone can called themselves a “Journalist” or whatever that means…..there are so many laid off journalists now.
      BTW, I own armchairjournalism.com

      We have the rights to express our opinions…..!!

    • This maple guy is profiting from
      Domains bought by Adam
      By taking money from people; he bought some
      Cheap domains from him, from I’ll gotten gains, now this guy comes here to defend him, because he is profiting from
      such actions.

  4. Konstantinos I thought you were talking about Trump for a second.

    I do not know this Adam, good for him if he refunds all who are owed, but I no longer give people second chances.

    If someone rips off a lot of people then it is probably in their character, they actually have a clinical diagnosis for that in DSM V.

    I have known a few in my time and learned to recognise them by their traits, hard to explain in writing but it can be an expression, a confused look when you do not believe them.

    What I notice is a lack of empathy, a failure to see the wrong in scamming people or even a pleasure in getting one over on someone.

    I told one guy about this Diagnostic Criteria and he said “shit that is me”, he had 5, but 3 is enough according to DSM-V.

    I am not suggesting this Adam chap has this diagnosis, but he might be interested to know, although it will not change his nature if he is.

    ” A pervasive pattern of disregard for and violation of the rights of others, since age 15 years, as indicated by three (or more) of the following:

    * Failure to conform to social norms concerning lawful behaviors, such as performing acts that are grounds for arrest.
    * Deceitfulness, repeated lying, use of aliases, or conning others for pleasure or personal profit.
    * Impulsivity or failure to plan.
    * Irritability and aggressiveness, often with physical fights or assaults.
    * Reckless disregard for the safety of self or others.
    * Consistent irresponsibility, failure to sustain consistent work behavior, or honor monetary obligations.
    * Lack of remorse, being indifferent to or rationalizing having hurt, mistreated, or stolen from another person.

    The individual is at least age 18 years.

    Evidence of conduct disorder typically with onset before age 15 years.

    The occurrence of antisocial behavior is not exclusively during schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.”


    Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me!

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      Trump? No, although they share some characteristics!

      • If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…….

        Mapledots is a nice guy but he was not directly affected and should not defend something be obviously knows little about. Mapledots should discuss facts and not defend bad behavior especially when many lives were negatively affected. If mapledots was ripped off by A.D himself i doubt he’d be trying to defend the guy.

  5. mapledots .ca is a crap domain name there i said it. the real tragedy is all of those great interviews with Schwartz, Berkens and Howe that had to be deleted because of Dicker.

  6. I think it’s good he is paying people back. Even if it is this late.

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      Paying… good!
      Adam… not good!

      • You Made my Day.

        Also reading the whole thread, he seems like he owns some premium names. If he wanted to pay back, he would have paid back.

        Looks like he wants to get back into the club.
        Those supporting him now, will they take responsibility if he scams again.

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