GoDaddy’s CEO Aman Bhutani explains the layoffs

GoDaddy’s CEO Aman Bhutani explained the layoffs and GoDaddy’s restructuring that impacts 814 employeesGoDaddy’s restructuring that impacts 814 employees on an email to GoDaddy employees.

GoDaddy CEO Aman Bhutani sent the following email to GoDaddy employees:

“Over the last three months, we’ve come together to support each other through an unprecedented set of challenges brought on by COVID-19. I appreciate the effort from all GoDaddy team members.

In recent town halls, many have been eager for an update to the 90-day financial certainty commitment for Q2. While those 90 days are not over, I said I would come back to you in June with clarity on the path forward.

Sadly, I must share with you, that even as our overall business continues to perform well and we are updating our revenue guidance for Q2 as evidence of that, we are still facing challenges in U.S. outbound sales, including GoDaddy Social sales. The outbound sales teams have made many creative efforts over the last three months to reverse the impacts of COVID-19, but the results of these improvements are still far below what we need for the operations to be sustainable.

In addition, we’ve learned our sales teams are more effective when they are together, in a high energy in-office environment, and yet we are faced with the challenge of adjusting our office facilities for safety in a COVID-19 world. We’ve decided to form a single Sales Center of Excellence in Gilbert, Arizona, which impacts our Iowa-based inbound sales teams.

Consequently, we have made the decision to restructure our sales functions leading to 814 team members impacted, with over 40% being offered alternate roles. Impacted team members are in Arizona outbound sales, Iowa sales, GoDaddy Social teams, and supporting corporate roles. Impacted team members are either departing, moving to a similar role, or being presented with the option to assume a role on another team.

For those who are departing, today will be an incredibly difficult day.

For those with new roles, the transition will have its challenges.

For those remaining here, it will be difficult to say goodbye.

For a company where we talk about team members as part of the GoDaddy family, I know that today will cause a tear in our core fabric and it will take time to mend.

Our departing team members’ last day will be September 1. The transition package provides a path to at least another 90 days of financial certainty, which is detailed later in this email.

We’ve thoroughly reviewed the entire company, and these are the only changes we plan to make. The details of the changes are listed below:

  • Arizona outbound sales: COVID-19 and regulatory developments that limit how we can contact our customers have significantly impacted the effectiveness of outbound sales in the U.S. As such, we are moving 213 Arizona-based CDT team members to inbound sales and support, and adjusting our leadership ratio, impacting 9 supervisors.
  • Iowa Sales: We’ve decided to form a single Sales Center of Excellence in Gilbert, Arizona. This impacts 134 of our sales team members in Iowa. Our sales teams in Iowa will be offered a role in Arizona, and those sales team members who moved into sales from Inbound will have the opportunity to move back to Inbound support in Iowa. We want to make these alternate roles work, but if a team member cannot accept them, then we will honor the same transition package as departing team members.
  • GoDaddy Social Sales:The Social team in Austin has turned over every stone in the last three months to address the seismic shift caused by COVID-19. While the team made strides in selling our new lower-cost offering, with reduced demand and economics under pressure, we cannot continue to sell these products the way we do today. As a result, 331 team members from the sales team will be departing GoDaddy.
  • GoDaddy Social Service and Customer Success:With the expected drop of new GoDaddy Social customers, we are reducing the size of Social Fulfillment and Customer Success teams by 120 team members. We strongly believe in the value of do-it-for-you (DIFY) social services. So, our remaining GoDaddy Social teams will serve our customers and innovate on a new offering that is reflective of the market conditions. Our Warm Leads team will continue selling to qualified customer leads, as part of our Services group.
  • Supporting corporate roles: Related to these changes, 7 team members in supporting roles will also be departing.
  • Austin facilities: Our facilities in Austin carry unique costs and complexities, so we will be closing both Austin locations. Our remaining GoDaddy Social team members will continue to work from home. We’ll be assessing our corporate real estate  across all of GoDaddy, knowing we’ll need to use our space differently in a COVID-19 world. With  the exception of Austin, no decisions have been made regarding other office locations.

Our transition package is comprised of two parts:

Administrative Leave

  • Departing team members will be placed on paid administrative leave today and are no longer expected to work. The official last day for all departing team members will be September 1 and they will be paid (inclusive of base and sales incentive pay) through September 1.
  • They will maintain their same healthcare benefits through September 30.
  • In addition, departing team members will be offered three months of outplacement services for job search support, and employee assistance through our employee assistance program through the end of the year.

Severance Package

  • Severance beyond September 1 provides two weeks of pay, for each completed year of service, with a minimum of four weeks.
  • Starting October 1, 2020, GoDaddy will provide elected healthcare coverage (Medical/Dental/Vision) through December 31, 2020. We will pay the COBRA premiums in full.
  • Upon signing a standard separation agreement, the severance package above (pay and healthcare coverage) will be effective, with the severance payment being made on September 7, 2020.

What impacted team members can expect next:

  • An email from their leader with next steps and the actions they need to take today.
  • A meeting where their leader will outline the changes, the options where appropriate, and the transition package details.
  • An optional meeting with People Ops to review the transition package and ask questions.
  • A one-on-one meeting with a leader or People Ops, upon request, by emailing

To our departing team members –

Please know that these changes are a function of our current environment and are not a reflection on any one individual or team. You are talented folks who have contributed positively to the company. The core of the GoDaddy business continues to be strong and we will look to hire team members back as we continue to grow.

Our goal is to make the transition as respectful and supportive as possible. We are here to answer your questions and listen to your concerns.

GoDaddy’s mission to empower everyday entrepreneurs and make opportunity inclusive for all has never been more important. We will continue to serve our customers and strive to realize our vision where independent entrepreneurial ventures drive the global economy. We reach this vision by joining forces and being better every day. For some, our paths diverge today; I wish you well and hope our paths cross again.



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  1. Translation: “We’re letting you go so that I and the other executives will not be impacted. Have a nice day.”

  2. I have always beleived that the core of GoDaddy is rotten, it comes from the Founder who killed Elephants for fun.

    Their business practices are still rotten, last I looked the founder was still the biggest shareholder.

    To change the Culture of the compamy they need two things

    1. To make a decision to change the culture of the company (which involves a 12 step program)
    2. To get riid of the cancer wthin, buy him out, dilute him, whatever it takes.

    The idea that a Saleforce has to function in an office where they can all infect each other is total bullshit

    I ran a business for 12 years where the whole compamy worked from home and right now many people are working from home in a sales role.

    The package is not terrible and those being kicked out may be the lucky ones in the end, better to be out and change careerr or employer than be put in with the infected, COVID19 likes a crowd.

  3. Totally complete BS..typical template response from the CEO to get rid of good employees to raise their bonus.

    I bet you don’t even own a damn domain and knows sh(*&^ about the domain industry since coming from Expedia which is taking a big hit.
    Don’t be surprised , GD’s HQ will be listed offshore to avoid paying taxes.

    Since I have MBA,PhD from the DKAcademy, I can be the next CEO!

    Magna cum laude
    Graduate of
    Domain King Academy

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