Actor Jeffrey Tambor
Actor Jeffrey Tambor

ISOC saved PIR and .org!!!

We all got it wrong people! Read this to understand how ISOC saved PIR and .org from starving to death!!!

According to a Mike Godwin, ISOC and its board of trustees saved PIR and the .org domain name extension by approving the sale of $1.15 billion to Ethos Capital.

Mike said on Twitter:

To be clear, I think there’s no disputing that .ORG won’t be starving if PIR is freed of having to send its surplus revenue to ISOC–rather the opposite.

He also thinks that ISOC was starving .org to death! Wow! Why do you think that? Do you think that PIR was not getting enough funding for making a few tweets per day, posting a couple of infographics per month and giving out its annual awards? I am saying that because in case Mike doesn’t know (and he claims that he is not supposed to know as PIR operates independently from ISOC) Afilias is running the .org backend. PIR pretty much does nothing at all.

Kudos to Mr Mike and his ISOC friends for saving .org!!! Too bad nobody thinks the same…

So to get this right. ISOC took $1.15 billion from Ethos so that PIR doesn’t have to give $50 million every year to ISOC. So Ethos must be some kind of charity for not wanting to get back their investment and then some… Thanks Mike for selling .org to some saints!!!

Hey, back to reality Mike. Here here Mike. Stop thinking of another smart-ass remark.

What you did Mike is the very much like this hypothetical situation:

  1. Business makes $xx million of net profit per year.
  2. Business gives $50 million to the owners. (where $50 million is less than $xx.)
  3. Owners decide to sell the business for $1.15 billion to some loan sharks. They declare the money as profit and disappear. All that “legally”.
  4. Business is left with a $1.15 billion in the hole to the loan sharks that take over the business.
  5. Business was saved from giving $50 million yearly to the owners!!!
  6. Too bad they now have to give $100 million to the loan sharks. (where $100 is less than $xx)
  7. Hhhmmm… let’s all guess what will happen next!!!

I would have respected a simple “we took the money and run” from ISOC. It is all ICANN’s fault anyway. ICANN opened the gates to this mess by removing the price caps and allowing these no-Ethos people to come in.

Yet these people from ISOC try to defend their decision by constantly claiming moral superiority, some superior knowledge only they possess, calling themselves saviors and by calling everybody against their decision trolls.

Let’s all celebrate detachment from reality. Go!!! ISOC:

Walid Al-Saqaf
Richard Barnes
Gonzalo Camarillo
Olga Cavalli
Hans Peter Dittler
Hiroshi Esaki
Mike Godwin
John Levine
Glenn McKnight
Robert Pepper
Andrew Sullivan
Sean Turner
Mieke van Heesewijk

Thanks again Mike God! I mean Godwin…

(Sorry but I can’t take this “Mike – I know it all – You are a troll- guy” seriously because of the things he spits out on Twitter and his articles so I had to put that picture of actor Jeffrey Tambor that is one of my favorites. Mike is trying to ruin Jeffrey Tambor for me.)


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  1. Warms my heart, and reminds me of how in my country we heroically go all over the world to bring people freedom, democracy and human rights. Like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Iran, South America, you name it.

  2. Konstantinos Zournas

    Let’s all celebrate Mike’s warm heart like MLK!!!

  3. ISOC is supposed to be exercising sound management of dot org through PIR. If ISOC has truly been starving dot org as a result of sucking dry all of PIR’s income, it sounds like they are likely in violation of their responsibility to maintain the security and stability of the extension.

    Maybe they should return some of the tens of millions of dollars they have removed from dot org and the domain name space over the past 17 years and dot org will be on a sounder financial footing and not need in need of “rescuing.”

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      Starving .org is actually a breach of contract between ISOC/PIR and ICANN. The .org contract can be terminated and be put to public tender.

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