GoDaddy: Releasing outbound domain transfers is not working

We all know that GoDaddy has a failing system with hundreds of bugs lurking around but these random problems are really scary.

So in the past few months releasing domain name outbound transfers is not really working. Yesterday I initiated transfers out of GoDaddy for 7 .com domains.

I have made several attempts to release the domains from inside the control panel in my GoDaddy account and I keep failing.

First time I did that only one or seven domains was released. Then I did it again and another one was released.

Now I am simply stuck for the past 24 hours. I have tried releasing the remaining 5 domains more than 10 times and simply nothing happens. The domains are showing a “pending transfer” status.

Whenever I accept the transfer I get a confirmation message but nothing happens.

Yes, I did that 10+ times and waited for a day and nothing happened.

This doesn’t seem like a new GoDaddy rule not allowing fast release (or ACK). Typically transfers from one registrar to another take 5 days unless the losing registrar releases the domain. Most good registrars allow owners to release their domains within minutes of starting a new transfer.

Amonth other problems not allowing immediate transfers out delays payment in case of a domain name sale.


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  1. This has been happening for last many months and I’ve talked to my GD Rep and he told it’s been done for our own safety purpose. I asked to lift this crap safety lock which is done on random domains and I don’t need to wait for it.

    I need to always email for them to release the domain and they usually does it within 1-2 business days of sending them email and sometimes they ignore the email but send their own for confirmation. After I authorize the transfer process, they release the domain.

    The purpose is mainly to hold the domains as much as possible and don’t let the domain go out of GoDaddy and may be some client will change their mind to keep the domains back at GoDaddy.

  2. In general outgoing transfers are a problem. Not only on registrar level but also on ICANN level.
    I think any owner should be able to transfer their domain at any time to any registrar they like.

    However also every reseller of domains should be able to move their portfolio from one accredited registrar to another without having to have permission from the owner of the domain. Many ccTLDs support this. Unfortunately gTLDs do not support this.

    These policies (maybe politics) that limit competition are bad for business and in the long run for the industry.

    If you have excellent quality in your services at the right price customers will never leave. That is what we should compete on and we should not be hiding behind policies that limit competition.

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      I don’t think I agree that resellers can move portfolios without owners permission.
      Cctlds are a bit different than gtlds in terms of jurisdiction, etc.

  3. Godaddy became very shady lately.

    They are trying to use any tactic, even illegal ones, to try to keep customers on the platform.

    The very question is: why should a person, domain owner or technical admin, be forced to stay n a registrar that charges almost 300% more than others???

    Latest Godaddy’s prices are totally out of market, not to mention the very very very poor support desk, which indeed is the only reason why a registrar should be supposed to raise the prices.

    Follow my advice: run away from Godaddy A.S.A.p.

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