Expedited transfers have stopped working at GoDaddy

It seems that nothing works at GoDaddy lately. People have been complaining for weeks that they get error messages going to domain auctions or trying to manage their domain names. See here the latest problem where Elliot reports getting 504 errors when trying to get to his domain names at GoDaddy.

Lately I have to login 3 times to get to GoDaddy auctions, whether I am on a PC or on a mobile.

Anyway 2 weeks ago I tried to transfer out 10+ domains from GoDaddy. I do this every 2-3 months as I move away the domains I have won at the expired auctions that are released from the auction-lock that GoDaddy imposes. So I started the transfers and then went into my GoDaddy account to release the domains. I do that to expedite the transfers so instead of 5 days they transfer out in a few minutes.

I went into my GoDaddy domain manager, clicked on “domains”, “transfers”, “transfers out”, “all transfers out”. I clicked on “select current page” and all my domains that were pending transfer were selected. I finally clicked on “accept transfer” and got this message:
“Transfer Out Successful
Your request has been submitted. Changes may take 15 minutes to take effect.”

The problem is that nothing happened. The domains were not immediately released by GoDaddy. I was busy and not really in a hurry so the domains were automatically transferred to my preferred registrar in 5 days.

I started another 3 transfers out 5 days ago and I have tried to release the domains 5 times and nothing happens.

Yes, expedited transfers have stopped working at GoDaddy. So if you have a buyer and want to transfer a domain fast you are out of luck.

I wonder if people have noticed other updates on their domains that will not complete. I don’t use GoDaddy that much for domain management so I don’t know.

It seems that random things keep breaking at GoDaddy. These are signs that almost 100% mean that the whole system is about to go to hell.

It happened with Moniker, it happened with Fabulous, it will happen again.

Another major problem I see is that they have different legacy (15+ years) systems working alongside their newer systems. That is never a good idea. And this is why we need to login 3 times to get to GoDaddy auctions. Systems are not integrated correctly.

I only have 10 domains at GoDaddy and I am moving them when I am allowed to do so.

(BTW, please change the name in the account product list from “auctions membership” to “domain auctions” or “domain name aftermarket” or something!)


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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. Were these llll.coms or other names with a certain market value? Because in my experience, they only delay the transfer for these names. But it could be that it happens with all names now.

    They definitely seem to be going downhill. I also noticed my account does not have an account manager anymore. Fair enough, since I only have a few names left, but I do still spend quite a lot on premium names there, so it would be nice to have been notified…

    Are you still using Epik? I prefer Dynadot at the moment.

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      These are domains I have paid $xxx or $xxxx for in GoDaddy auctions.

      I mostly use Epik but Dynadot too and a couple other registrars.

    • If it’s the case then how come Brent Oxley domain names were transferred out from GoDaddy in just few minutes when GoDaddy removed lock on them illegally last month.

  2. Wow…I thought I was the only one!

    “And this is why we need to login 3 times to get to GoDaddy auctions.”

  3. Thought I was the only one this was happening to. thrice I have tried to transfer out three different domains. I see the message that Authorization code has been sent to my email but I am yet to get any of the codes. How can all these be happening and Godaddy seems to have no idea about it or have not even done anything to resolve it?

  4. I don’t understand why many domainers are using GoDaddy.

    It costs $12.17 and $18.17 to register and renew, respectively, a .com domain at GoDaddy. And at some other registrars, it only costs $8.99 and sometimes the registration fee is even lower thanks to discounts.

    Clearly, GoDaddy’s pricing is not the best one for domainers unless I’m missing something.

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      They offer some competitive pricing using a discount club.

      • Thanks for the info.

        I just checked the “discount club” and found that: It costs $125.87 per year, ($9.99/mo x 12 + $5.99 Taxes & Fees). And it reduces the cost of .com to $8.47 per year ($8.29 + $0.18 ICANN fee).

        That means the discount club is better than registrars whose .com pricing is $8.99 per year **only when** a domainer have at least 243 .com domains. ( $125.87 / ($8.99 – $8.47) )

        I think I will stick to using other registrars.

  5. Godaddy has turned into a utter garbage platform, time to send in the terminator to destory the bots that run the place.

  6. GoDaddy have been holding domains on random basis by calling it “security reasons”. Even after requesting to stop this for my account, which they haven’t done so. Sometimes the domain transfer is done instantly and sometimes it get hold off until I send email to and ask to authorize the domain transfer and then manually their team member approves the domain to be released. This stupid issue have been implemented for last few months.

    • Do not feel offended but you come from Pakistan and for most people this country is not associated with anything good and probably that`s their security is triggered.
      And please update your picture as you do not look like in the photo.

      • @ada here is being written about Godaddy, the comments and responses are made with respect towards people and also our Domainer friends from any country in the world.
        Please keep the respect that at the same time offends myself without being from Pakistan.

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