Meet the new expensive .ORG domains

It seems that .org is preparing us for a price increase that is most probably coming up in 2020. They are changing their brand (Meet the new .org) to prepare us for what was bound to happen.

PIR will be using as their new website moving away from

PIR is preparing us for a price increase on .org domains since ICANN let them loose to do whatever they want. I expect a price increase of at least 20% on .org domain name registrations and renewals. And that will just be the beginning so as not to scare us off. I expect the 6-month notice to come no later than March 2020.

Yes, PIR is a non-profit but their salaries and business expenses are real.

Here is the press release:

.ORG has a new look! It’s the same trusted domain you know and love, but with a new, bold visual identity.

This rebranding initiative has been in the works for more than a year, and we’re delighted to unveil it to the global .ORG community featuring it on our brand new website, all our social media channels, marketing campaigns, across our registrar network, and everywhere that .ORG lives.

There are quite a few elements that define a brand. We’ve put a lot of thought into developing a new identity that visually, verbally, and emotionally speaks to who we are and how we want to connect to the .ORG community and the world. Read on to learn about key highlights of our exciting new brand!

The new logo—with “ORG” encircled in a vibrant royal blue sphere—reflects the brand’s impact worldwide, with more than 10 million domains under management. The open “ORG” lettering on either side of the sphere signals that .ORG is an open domain for anyone; it serves as a powerful and inclusive global connector. The logo uses a deep royal blue, evoking feelings of trust, security, and reliability that reflect .ORG’s long-standing reputation. The design also allows the color to be exchanged for photography and video, so .ORG can tell visual stories through the lens of the logo.

The logo for PIR and the .NGO/.ONG extensions—exclusive domains serving non-governmental organizations—also underwent a visual refresh. The new visual identities of PIR and .NGO/.ONG mirror that of .ORG, but with different color designations: turquoise and green respectively.We selected these primary colors very purposefully:

  • .ORG royal blue evokes feelings of trust, security, and reliability that reflect .ORG’s long-standing reputation.
  • PIR turquoise represents the strength and integrity of PIR as a trusted registry.
  • .NGO/.ONG green underscores the focus within the NGO community on forward progress, sustainability and social responsibility.

But the logo doesn’t stop there. The design also allows the color to be exchanged for photography and video, so .ORG can tell visual stories through the lens of the logo. As such, we also developed a photography suite that is varied, worldly, and reflective of the diverse passions of the .ORG community.

The new .ORG website was designed to showcase the breadth of the .ORG user base and spotlight how forward-looking businesses, professional associations, civic groups, nonprofits, clubs and families are making their inspirations a reality using the .ORG domain. We encourage you to spend time browsing our new website and reading the stories within from .ORGs like, Quilters Unlimited and GlobalGiving.


The new brand launch is just the beginning of a bright and transformative journey ahead for us. We want to let people know that .ORG is the trusted open domain of choice to power their ideas and connect with others. Through 2019 and well into 2020, the .ORG brand along with stories about the exceptional people and organizations in the .ORG community will be shared with the world. It is our hope that others will be inspired to start their own .ORG stories to make the world a better place.

Welcome to the new .ORG. | Power your inspiration. | Connect your world.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. how long can you renew a org at the current rates?

  2. Greedy people..Org was selling and trusted and i dont see how their rebranding makes it different.All theu care about is money.

  3. I’d be surprised if they didn’t increase prices.

    And I’ll also be surprised if this doesn’t happen w/ .net and .com sooner rather than later.

    For .org it’s easy enough, not too many brands we own use .org, the lead gen can move to other tlds if .org gets too expensive, but when this happens w/ .com, a lot of people will howl and by then it will be too late.

  4. You can’t start gouging and screwing people while having “Public Interest” in your name. What would people say?

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