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No, we can not rename New gTLDs

New gTLDs are called New gTLDs. Period.

This is the only way the industry can understand what we are talking about. All other people just calls everything “domains” or a few people call them “new domains” or  even fewer call them “new extensions”.

Nobody outside the industry knows that gtlds are Generic Top-Level Domains. I am sure there are domainers that don’t know that. It is already confusing that some people call “New gTLDs” just “gTLDs” and in “gTLDs” they don’t include .com, .net and .org that were the ORIGINAL gTLDs!

BTW we call all the country extensions ccTLDs when nobody in any of these countries know or care what ccTLDs are. This is just so we can communicate easier and faster.

We didn’t call .info and .biz New gTLDs because they were just a couple of extensions. New gTLDs are over a thousand and a few thousand more will soon come with the next ICANN round.

Do you want to take “New” out of “New gTLDs”? Do you want to call them gTLDs? So how are we going to call .com and .org?

Are we going to call all extensions gTLDs? Or are we going to call New gTLDs, gTLDs and call .com, .net and .org legacy gTLDs so we can distinguish them?

They are called New gTLDs and that is how we are going to call them. If we change their name after 7+ years no one in the industry will ever understand what we are talking about.

ICANN call them New gTLDs. Are we going to talking and writing about New gTLDs with some other name while the leading organization calls them New gTLDs?

Enough with this. This is only fueled by the New gTLD registries that want the new out of the picture so they look established. We have more serious things to discuss.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. “We didn’t call .info and .biz New gTLDs because they were just a couple of extensions.”

    They were always called new tlds, there was about 9 (.jobs, .pro, .name etc), .info and .biz were the two most successful,

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      Nobody really called them New gTLDs cause they were so few. You just called them by their name.
      Try that now.

  2. Thoughts on nTLDs? I like it cause it feels like a mix of New and gTLD, but see your point and mostly agree.

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      Some people use it already…
      I just feel we don’t need a new name. It will only confuse people.

  3. I think we should call them Barry or Bazza for short

  4. NeoTLDs

    Last I checked the com was free.

  5. And does someone want to tell me how my comment just posted at 3:08 am before “investor’s” at 3:13 am when I just read his/hers immediately before posting mine? Time-space shift?

  6. Seriously K, I don’t believe in time travel, so what just happened? :{

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      The other comment was awaiting moderation. Not sure how wordpress treats comment timing.

      • It was already appearing before I made my first comment and I had already seen it. My comments posted at 3:08, 3:10, and 3:11 when the one below was already sitting there in plain view stamped for 3:13. An odd bug I suppose.

  7. Investors call them Not-Com’s

  8. I call them .Shitties, cuz that’s what they are!

  9. Thanks goodness at least one high-profile domainer gets it K, 😉

  10. Many register Domains use as TLD Generic with the most important extensions, club, loan, xyz ………….

    I think that if “LA” is a TLD because the 10 Best gTDL can be TLD with “com, net, org ……”

    The remaining gTLDs think that they should stay the same and the new ones
    enter Generic top level domain.

    Happy Day Jose.

  11. I assume this was a reaction to my blog post (since this appeared not long after I published).

    I agree – there are far better and more pressing matters to discuss in terms of domain names. This was simply a question that I’d considered myself recently, and I thought (correctly) that it would produce a debate 😉

    I do, however, take issue with this: “This is only fueled by the New gTLD registries that want the new out of the picture so they look established”

    If this article is a reaction to mine, I want to disclose that I have zero investment or interest in the new extensions, and have had no contact with anyone from a new gTLD registry prior to this article.

    Aside from that, keep up the good work K!

    • Konstantinos Zournas

      This is something that has been appearing to some forums, blog comments or tweets every once in a while. Maybe you read something and then much later you thought of this article.
      BTW I have a small investment in New gTLDs. But this is not about investments. This is about how we communicate.

  12. But I aleady renamed them. They are now called uTLDs. The “u” stands for unwanted/unknown/ugly

  13. GTLDS are crap and crap is crap by any name.

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