LXME expands to 4N and 2C .com domains

LXME, Giuseppe Graziano’s Liquid Domain Market Exchange, launched in September 2018.

Originally LXME was for 3 letter .com domain names only. But today Giuseppe announced that LXME is expanding to accept 4 number .com domains and 2 character .com domains.

Here are a lot more details from Giuseppe Graziano:

“To answer your requests, today we are proud to announce that you can also list 4 numbers (as in 8799.com) and 2 characters .com (as in j7.com) domains on LXME!

The fee structure remains the same: 10% platform fee capped to $2,000 for 2Cs, 3Ls, and 4Ns, so you can save thousands of dollars on high-value transactions. Some brokers charge up to 20% commission; so, for the sale of a $50,000 3 letter .com, their fee can go up to $10,000. That is a lot of money! On LXME, with our fees, you could save up to $8,000 in brokerage fees on a $50,000 transaction!

Not only that, but LXME is not just a simple domain marketplace – it is a highly sophisticated automated brokerage platform. Every time you list a domain, all the buyers who customized their preferences get a notification about your domain. So, if your domain is priced correctly, you might start to get offers within a few minutes!

As a buyer, you only get to know about the domains that interest you, without having to receive newsletters filled with domains you do not care about. You can also set up your budget and preferred type of domains (for example, triple western premium 3L .com), so you only get to know about the domains which truly interest you. We did this because, in a time when we are bombarded by hundreds of notifications from emails, apps and social media, we believe your attention is valuable and we want to make sure you spend your precious time only on the things that matter to you.”


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