NamesCon 2018: the Hakkasan party is hosted by MMX (read here all the details!)

MMX has taken over the main NamesCon party this year. Uniregistry has passed the baton on.

Those last two Uniregistry parties at Hakkasan were very nice but everybody in Allegravita on behalf of their clients MMX are giving it their best to surpass the 2 parties!

(photo from the Uniregistry Hakkasan party in 2017)

This year’s Hakkasan Party is hosted by MMX on Tuesday night. Doors open at 9PM, a very generous open bar runs until 11pm, and the private party area opens to the public at 1am.

This year the party will move to Hakkasan’s Ling Ling Lounge.

For those that don’t know Hakkasan is located inside the MGM Grand that is opposite the Tropicana hotel, the NamesCon 2018 venue.

The party is for NamesCon 2018 attendees only so make sure you bring your NamesCon badge to gain entry.

MMX has booked a 9:45PM set by DJ Frakes on a Plane! (By Jothan Frakes of course!)

Allegravita had a fun idea to design six cocktails, based on six of MMX’s TLDs. They designed the cocktails, taking into consideration various factors of the selected MMX TLDs (brand values and colors, origin stories, local favorites, etc) and they had their studio team create custom illustrations of each of the drinks.

So for the first time here are the six MMX Signature Cocktails for NamesCon’s Hakkasan Party: Hosted by MMX!

I had to google what Hpnotiq and Midori are and both seem really interesting. So I will have 1 .london and 1 .miami just to start the night! Just remind me not to arrange anything for Wednesday morning.

Hakkasan baby!

(Many thanks to Simon Cousins CEO of Allegravita for all the details!)


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  1. WOW – naming drinks after a TLD – think that has happened at every new gTLD event for the past 5 years .

    Plus if you are going to write a sponsored post , you should at least mention it at the top

  2. Although I can’t make it to NamesCon this year (even though I have a ticket), I would much rather see MMX spending their marketing dollars on supporting their gTLDs in the secondary market; whether by running Shark Tank-like contest to promote dot-VIP, or doing (a lot more) to promote successful sites that use their gTLDs.

    The bottom line is that holders of names with their extensions continue to be made to feel like orphans, with no support from MMX in terms of enhancing the secondary-market value of the names they sold us.

    Frankly, although I’m still a believer in one or more of their extensions, I’m very disappointed in MMX.

  3. they made me look, just with the announcement, so id say it worked.

    confidence is so sexy.

    glad they are making quite a SPLASH. (.vodka)

    cant wait to get the .VIP treatment – next up London or Miami or Boston

    simon lets grab a .beer.


  4. hpnotiq is good sh*t.
    Don’t get too drunk and don’t drink the beer drink if you drink all the others otherwise you will throw up.
    MMX seems to have a better open bar than Uniregistry had…

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