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Radix shares renewal rates for .Online, .Tech and .Site (no data for its other 6 extensions)

Radix registry shared the renewal rate for three of its most popular TLDs, .ONLINE, .TECH and .SITE.

Launched in July and August 2015, these 3 TLDs are up for subsequent (2nd cycle) renewal and are seeing an overall renewal rate of 77%. This renewal rate is for the first month General Availability.

Drilling down to each Radix TLD, renewal rates stood at 75% for .ONLINE, 78% for .TECH and 81% for .SITE.

Radix didn’t share the renewal rates for its other 6 New gTLDS: .space, .website, .store, .press, .host and .fun.

Speaking about the renewal trend of Radix’s nTLDs, Sandeep Ramchandani, VP and Business Head, Radix, said, “The robust renewal rate of our leading TLDs reinforces our belief that genuine customers are using our domains. While new registrations are important, sustaining the namespace and passing the renewal test is crucial for us and a very important KPI for TLDs.”

A renewal rate of 86% was reported for domains registered in the Sunrise Phase and  the Early Access Phase (EAP) of these 3 TLDs. .TECH saw the highest renewal rate (92%) for these phases, followed by .SITE (88%). The renewal rate for .online was not shared.

The high renewal rate of domains from Sunrise and EAP phases are no surprise as brands and brand protection agencies and people that paid an extra upfront fee don’t usually drop domains. Most of the Sunrise domains are defensive registrations and the numbers were usually quite low.

Note: The General Availability launch dates of these TLDs are: .SITE – 15th July 2015, .TECH – 5th Aug 2015 and .ONLINE – 26th Aug 2015.


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  1. Hey Konstantinos, the above renewal rate is only for .site, .tech and.online because Radix’s other extensions .website, .host, .press, .space were launched in 2014 and surpassed their 2nd renewal cycle last year.
    .store was launched in 2016 and .fun in 2017 so have not come up for their 2nd cycle of renewal yet.

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