Report: ccTLD renewal rate over 2016 was 83% (report falsely claims .loan has strong performance!)

The DomainWire Global TLD Stat Report (Q2/2017) has been published.

The report covers the global status and registration trends in all top-level domains (legacy gTLDs, new gTLDs and ccTLDs) with additional focus on the European ccTLD market. Highlights from the report:

Overall Market
– Global domains (across all TLDs ) are at 312 million – combined growth of 1.9% YOY
– Highest gains were made in Asia Pacific ccTLDs (mostly .cn) followed by the new gTLD category which grew around 2 million
– Market share of new gTLDs is 7.5% of global domain names however has not increased significantly over the past year.

European Market
– ccTLD domains make up 58% of all registrations in Europe with gTLDs taking the rest (39.5% legacy gTLDs and 2.7% new gTLDs)
– There has been a declining trend in registrations made by Chinese registrants into European ccTLDs
– Average ccTLD renewal rate over 2016 was 83%

– Among new gTLDs .loan continues relatively strong performance as one of the largest TLDs based on non-parked domains
– Average gTLD renewal rates have decreased over the past year contributing to declines in total domain figures.

The report includes some inaccuracies or false metrics. Of course .Loan has no “strong performance” as it is NOT a developed TLD but a complete junkyard of spam. Just because a domain name is not parked with a known parking company but instead has a custom webpage with ads, it does not mean that this domain is not parked or that it is developed.

(The report does not include the collapse of .XYZ and some other New gTLDs in July 2017. That will be in the Q3 2017 report.)


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