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GoDaddy auctioning and selling despicable domain names

I got a tip from a reader about an auction that GoDaddy is running for the domain name killchildren.com.

I visited GoDaddy auctions only to find more domains like this:

All 4 domains (.com, .net, .org and .info) are registered with GoDaddy since 2013 and are now expired and being auctioned in GoDaddy auctions.

I understand that there is not a software that is able to catch all these domains and if you built one there might be many false positives (like newyorkillchildren.com) but GoDaddy must do something about this. Possibly create a dedicated email address that can be used to report these domains. And as Raymond said here, the valuations are not helping how GoDaddy looks. (By the way these domains prove that the GoDaddy valuation algorithm is useless. It does not take into account the keywords so what does it really do?)

I also understand that registries can’t and will not do anything to restrict certain words or phrases but auction houses can and should restrict what domains are for sale and what expired domains are being auctioned.

I wonder if the solution would be to register some of these high profile bad .com domains so that no one else can use them or if that would simply be a waste of time and money… What do you think?

Of course you can buy any similar domain name you like even at very cheap prices:

But scrolling down I got to a “premium” domain name that is being listed in GoDaddy for sale:

KillAndPossiblyEatBabies.com is listed at GoDaddy (registered in 2017) and and is being offered for sale at the “bargain” price of $799. Yes, this domain should also be removed. This domain is also listed on Afternic and also syndicated in various registrars such as Name.com (that is also attempting to make more money of it by adding a markup):

Great job everybody!

I really don’t understand these domains. What people register these? Could this be some kind of sick joke? (In thissome perverse universe) I see that “killandeatbabies.com” is available for registration. Oh well…


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  1. I bet the original buyer got the names to focus on how abortion is the killing of babies.

  2. They have been getting on top of most of them, had posted about this one and they took down, there was an expired one too https://www.thedomains.com/2017/06/29/godaddy-takes-auction-rapekids-com/

    The expired one Paul Nicks got rid of, http://tldinvestors.com/2017/07/godaddy-really-needs-to-scrap-these-valuations.html

    They probably should add certain filters.

  3. Have a read of this document: https://www.nominet.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Lord-Macdonald-Report-final.pdf

    One has to be very careful when banning domain names comprising of many words. You might find killchildren.com upsetting but what about adding the sub domain name to give carelessdrivers.killchildren.com? It’s a factual statement. As for killandpossiblyeatbabies.com – baby what? I hadn’t presumed human babies.

  4. Free speech does have limits in almost all countries. In US you can’t state you want to kill the president or falsely yell fire in a crowd.

    Clearly preventing these domains from being auctioned off is the right thing to do. It all comes back to the word everyone hates to hear, regulation. Large corporations typically have no incentive to update their code or software, which can be expensive, or hire more employees to police if there is not a regulator forcing them to do so.

  5. In domaining some people and companies push aside all morals and values in the name of “Free Speech and Censorship”. They do this with complete disregard to the victims, children in this case…..What do you expect from an industry that FEATURES a domain, in the largest industry event, that destroys the self confidence of less fortunate people (Retarded.com)?

  6. We removed these listings. Thank you for bringing them to our attention.

  7. Some people are strange.
    But you can say the same thing about incest.com on namejet.

  8. Who to contact:

    Copyright complaints
    Additional details.
    Please send your report to copyrightclaims@godaddy.com.

    Trademark complaints
    Additional details.
    Please send your report to trademarkclaims@godaddy.com.

    Report a website that is posing as another website.
    NOTE: Website must be live.
    Please send your report to phishing@godaddy.com.

    Suspicious domain
    Report a suspicious domain registration that appears to be used for phishing but does not currently have a live website.
    Please send your report to verifypayment@godaddy.com.

    Domain disputes
    Please see ICANN’s Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy.

    Account changes
    Additional details.
    Please send your report to change@godaddy.com.

    Report a site that participates in malware or virus distribution.
    Report a site that promotes, encourages, or engages in computer or network hacking or cracking.
    Please send your report to malware@godaddy.com.

    Report unsolicited email.
    Report an unsolicited text or SMS message.
    Report Wire Transfer Fraud (Please indicate Wire Transfer Fraud in subject line).
    Please send your report to spam@godaddy.com.

    Network abuse
    Report a site performing network attacks such as brute force or DOS.
    Please send your report to netabuse@godaddy.com.

    Content complaints
    Disturbing imagery, violence, etc.
    Questionable pharmacy content on a website.
    Content that displays personal information such as a social security number or credit card number.
    Please send your report to contentcomplaints@godaddy.com.

    Child abuse
    Material found on a site that promotes, encourages, or engages in child exploitation or abuse of children.
    Please send your report to childabuse@godaddy.com.

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