Google moves the domain name at the top of search results

Google has moved the domain name at the top of search results. I think the change was made in the past 2-3 weeks. If the webpage in the results is not the homepage of the website then the breadcrumbs are also displayed. The website title is now below the domain name.

At least that is true outside the US and/or using In the US the website name is displayed together with the breadcrumbs where applicable. Some websites are using the domain name extension in the website name and some not.

Google has also added 4 dots in the colors of the Google logo next to the domain name.

The search results also display “https://” in front of the domain name when the website has an SSL certificate installed. Otherwise the results display “www.” and the domain name if the website is using “www” or it simply displays the domain name only. (http:// is not displayed at all if there is no SLL)

The search results of both the desktop and mobile versions remain the same. They have the domain name below the webpage title.

You can see below how I see and in Greece in both desktop and mobile versions. mobile version:























 mobile version:























 desktop version: desktop version:


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  1. Huge development… I believe I noticed this on Google News today here in the US, but I was too busy to look into what was happening and figured I would get back to it; so this looks, so far to me, that it could be rolling out slowly here in the US already…. Just noticed on “News” results so far. Putting the domain name on the top of the results is a very significant change and shows that the address should remain a strong indicator of source.

  2. In Indonesia is still the same. No changes
    Hopefully in indonesia will follow developments made by in greece

    • Indonesia is slow to catch up as with many other things [startups support]
      Too busy worrying about what religion the jkt governeur is .

  3. Not seeing the change, you sure this isn’t just an experiment?

  4. This could be a big big windfall for domainers. People will realize they can’t have a 20+ character domain name for their company and start buying better naming brands. Big windfall for us here at:

  5. I’m not seeing it. On mobile here in the USA, Google is NOT showing any domain names at all, they only show the Title Tag and a breadcrumb. So, it’s quite the opposite of what you’re suggesting.

    In any case, it’s just Google testing stuff, they do that all the time, constantly testing it. What you can count on is that it’ll change again at some point.

  6. But I seen many http sites has been shown on #1 still? One of my domain gone back because of non SSL. I don’t know how google algorithm works still!

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