Pheenix increases backorders for com/net to $59.99

Pheenix announced that it will be increasing pricing for Gold backorders to $59.99 for com/net.

The change will be effective on July 15, 2017. There will also be increases for other domain extensions.

This is the 3rd increase for Pheenix in the past year.

On January 15, 2017, pricing for Gold backorders went to $38.99 and Super Savers to $20.99.

On November 15, 2016, pricing for Gold backorders had gone to $28.99 and Super Savers to $16.99.

Namejet and Snapnames are charging $79 (or more at Namejet if you are not paying by wire transfer).


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Studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and now living in Athens, Greece. Love domains and building websites. Went online in 1995, learned about HTML in 1996 and about domains in 2002. Started publishing the blog in 2012.


  1. 2 price increases in 6 months, good luck with that

  2. 2 days notice is great customer service also.

  3. I used some years ago but once they start putting prices up I gave up.
    There are so many alternatives around.

    Anyway, what is the difference between super saver and gold back order?

  4. Only good news – you can still pre-purchase backorder credits at old $38 rate

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