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.Club is releasing 4,500 new premium domain names

On June 14th at 15:00 UTC, .Club will be releasing 4,500 NEW premium domain names into their tiered premium inventory at the registrars. These are predominantly names that were previously registry reserved and have never been available through the registrar channel before. In addition to many keyword domains, the release includes approximately 1,200 2, 3 and 4 character names.

A large number of premium .CLUB names are sold through the registrar channel since the tiered premium program was launched back in July of 2015. The premium names have suggested retail prices from $100 to $10,000. To date, .CLUB has generated more than $5 million in premium name sales. You can find all public .club sales at Sold.Domains.

As always with .CLUB names, regardless of the first year premium fee, renewals are always at approximately $10-$15 per year.

Some of the names in the current release include:

You can download the full list of names here, or visit for all updated lists of available names.

Here’s a short video highlighting some of the newly available names:


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  1. I see this as a sign of weakness, and slowdown. The level of interest, and inquiries in gtld’s has been on a decline. Not hating on them, but from an investment standpoint, there is better money to be made elsewhere, the 2016, 2017 releases got very greedy in hold backs, premium pricing, and they turned buyers off.

    The registries became their own worst enemies, the domainers had been carrying the renewals, are now saying F it!

  2. They are notorious for publishing available lists then taking the domains back. I dealt with that on their last release of names.

  3. The show is over for newTDLs.

  4. A viable business and a viable investment are two different things. In a pure domain-investor model, few newGTLDs look like a great investment on account of the premium pricing squeezing the margin for investors.

    I think squeezing out investors entirely is a bad idea, but I can see why they want SOME slice of that action – however, a better balance could have been struck with ceiling prices much lower than current levels – but looks like the market may be forcing that on them anyway!!

    Apart from a slight glitch earlier this year, dot-CLUB seem to be bucking the trend, and are one of the few long established newGTLDs to have recorded growth this calendar year.

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