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2017 new domain research & tactics (video)

A new video came out presented by the SEMPO Education Committee called “2017 New Domain Research & Tactics”.

SEMPO is a nonprofit trade organization serving the search and digital marketing industry and marketing professionals engaged in it.

This month’s hangout follows the release of a recent study by The Domain Name Association, focused on the topic of Top-Level-Domains and SEO.

“In the past, there have been inconsistent opinions put forth by domain-sellers and SEOs about the relative strength of using a custom or “new” domain name extension such as .diamonds or .insurance, for example, to target organic search rankings with SEO. The study set forth with the particular mission to find examples of websites using “non-dot-com” TLDs that were performing well in organic search, on the merits of their overall SEO.”

Along with discussing the study methodology and findings, the Hangout panel covers other domain-related tactics and is joined by long-time domain and SEO expert Bill Hartzer along with Head of Professional Services of Neustar Inc. and Dean of the DNA University Tony Kirsch, SEMPO Education VP Chris Boggs, whose consultancy led the DNA-commissioned research, Kevin Rowe, Founder of Rowe Digital and Jeff Sass, Chief Marketing Officer of .CLUB Domains.  The Moderator is Steve Plunkett.

Between me and you this study provides no consistent results in any way but the video is worth a look.


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