The real percentages of the upcoming Uniregistry domain extension price increases (5% to 3115%)

Uniregistry’s planned price increase in its 16 new extensions resulted in a reaction few anticipated.

Michele Neylon, CEO of the registrar Blacknight, shared in a blog post the actual percentages that each of the affected New gTLDs. Domain name prices are in Euro as the registrar is based in Ireland but the percentages are more than enough to get a clear picture. But I believe that the percentages are based on the real Uniregistry increases from USD wholesale prices while the new retail prices are somehow adjusted to what the registrar will charge. For example the Blacknight .link price will remain the same even though the TLD will see a 5% increase in both domain registration and domain renewal prices.

Michele Neylon said that “If you have domains registered in any of the domain extensions mentioned above the pricing will increase on August 21st 2017. If you want to renew your domain(s) in advance of the price increase you can do so and take advantage of the current pricing.”

Colin Campbell, CEO of .Club that “.CLUB has voluntarily signed a price protection clause with the registrars for the first 5 years which limits to inflation or 15%.”. You read all about .Club’s pricing strategy here. This is what Andee Hill from Donuts said: “we have no plans to increase prices for existing registrants”.

Here is what GoDaddy (“Regardless of the economics, it’s an extremely poor customer experience.”), Rightside (“I want to reassure our valued customers who have invested in our TLDs that we will not be following suit.”) and Radix (“We have no immediate plans to increase our wholesale prices.”) said about this issue on DomainInvesting.com and TheDomains.com.


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  1. .Club – well done!

  2. I knew its coming, never invested in NGTLDS.

  3. “.CLUB has voluntarily signed a price protection clause with the registrars for the first 5 years…”

    Yeah, for the first five years.

    “we have no plans to increase prices for existing registrants”

    i.e. they haven’t formed a plan yet.

  4. S L E A Z Y !!!

  5. Looks like I’ll be dropping my .Christmas at the end of the year then.

  6. No offense to .club, i think it’s one of the best new extensions out there.
    But it’s only one extension, frank owns 16 and is trying to do what he feels is best for his company.
    In my opinion it’s apples and oranges. [Again no offense to .club]

    [This is only my opinion]

    • Uniregistry has 25 commercial gTLDs, plus the non-commecial .hiv.

      The price increases affect 15 of them. Personally, I’m glad .photo isn’t on that list. 😉

      That being said, those heavily priced gTLDs are meant to be used by businesses primarily. Were they underpriced at launch? Most definitely. But I would not exactly call them domain investor premiums.

      Nobody likes price increases, and I’d like to see a grandfathering of existing domains.

  7. Research= A single drug (medication ) went from $13.50 to $750 overnight!
    This is where Frank Schilling got his idea from?
    Trouble = gross conduct?

  8. frank schilling’s little puppet was told by frank to post a positive post about gtlds. what a weak idiot.

  9. this little weak idiot’s name is morgan linton

    • Morgan Linton filters his comments, did you see his fluff piece about escrow.com putting verification on buyers, and sellers. You can tell that guy has no credibility after reading that.

      He is essentially talking to himself.

    • @the Truth,

      Morgan is a nice guy. Smart too. You don’t need to agree with him, obviously. I never agree with anybody 100%. But it just doesn’t make sense to view Morgan as “Frank Schilling’s little puppet”. He’s busy working on a startup with funding from Mark Cuban. So if he were anybody’s “puppet”, wouldn’t he be Cuban’s?

  10. Frank has a few blogging puppets still trying to sucker in the newbies.

  11. I like the CLUB’s move. But, 5 years is still a short term from a domain investor or an end-user’s point of view. Donuts, for how long do you have no plans to increase prices for the existing registrants? Indefinitely? 10 years? 20 years. 1 year? Domain investors and end-users do not like words of play, but they want certainty and long-term predictability. Price increases within a reasonable range (eg. annual inflation rate) is fine. But, when the increase is rampant, it will not good for everybody concerned.

    • Credibility, Stability, Certainty, Long-term Predictability and Customer-friendly are 5 essential components for any service providing business.

  12. ouch. bye bye new gtld’s.

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