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Sedo’s top domain name sales of 2016

Sedo announced some of the highlighted domain name sales from the past year.

At $375,000 USD, Broker.com had the highest price tag among domains sold through Sedo in 2016. Short domains were as usual popular; demonstrated by the most bid on web addresses having only one to three characters.

Top 5 Domain Sales

1.) broker.com 375,000 USD
2.) mikihouse.com 224,224 USD
3.) ada.com 200,000 USD
4.) circa.com 150,000 USD
5.) hotbot.com 155,000 USD

Top 5 Most Popular Domains in Auctions
Each with 84 bids, there is a three-way tie for the most popular domain. And the trend towards short, concise web addresses continued this year and is clearly reflected in this category: all five of the chart toppers have no more than three characters. The release of new .at short domains fueled this trend even further.

1.) ö.at 84 Bids 7,400 EUR
2.) cun.com 84 Bids 113,611 EUR
3.) 4.at 84 Bids 6,900 EUR
4.) 111.club 82 Bids 5,320 USD
5.) dj.at 78 Bids 3,600 EUR

Top 5 Longest Domains
In contrast to high-priced short domains are the longest domains sold during 2016. These are significantly lower in price and are usually related to a particular niche topic. Domain names can be a maximum of 63 characters and 2016’s winner proudly stands at 60 characters.

comcomcomcomcomcomcomcomcomcomcomcomcomcomcomcomcomcomcomcom.com 60 Characters 250 USD
chiropractic-acupuncture-homeopathy-self-help-workshops-dvd.com 59 Characters 148 USD
berufsunfaehigkeitsversicherung-vergleich.net 41 Characters 500 EUR
aansprakelijkheidsverzekeringvergelijken.nl 40 Characters 100 EUR
mercer-tazewellcountyboardofrealtors.com 36 Characters 404 USD

You can see here Sedo’s top domain name sales from 2015.


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