“4 Hidden Insights of Google Analytics That Can Double Your Sales”

Art Malkov wrote another great article after “Here’s How to Make it As a Startup in New York“. This time the article “4  Hidden Insights of Google Analytics That Can Double Your Sales” was published on Silicon.nyc.

This post is more technical than the startup one and explains how you can increase online sales by using a tool like Google Analytics to understand your website traffic, what works and what doesn’t and what changes are needed to get better results.

Here are a few very interesting quotes from the article:

Most businesses treat google analytics (GA) as a stray dog that should be avoided. It’s hard to get anything out of something you don’t respect, but today I’ll cover why you should respect analytics and make friends with it. Just by adding a few tools to your newly minted tool belt, you can get a massive increase in understanding your visitors and improve your sales.

By knowing what pages are driving you the most traffic, you can edit and target them with relevant information (and call to actions). This alone can double your sales.

We had a client where 50% of their traffic was coming from a handful of pages that the client had no idea was bringing traffic, which means those pages were not optimized for sales and conversion.

For this client we’ve found that only 25% of people would scroll down, the rest would take action above the fold. Which means 75% of people never go beyond where they landed, before clicking on another page.

A client in the travel industry that we have worked with took this to heart, and changed how he allocated his budget for holiday marketing, which resulted in a 180% increase in sales coming from online traffic.

Art Malkov is a serial entrepreneur with a knack for the digital frontier. An author and recognized expert in the field of social marketing and digital growth. Art has advised Fortune 100 companies on their digital marketing and social media blueprint. He is a digital marketing director at NeedGrowth.com and a .nyc domain name investor at Upgrade.nyc. You can meet him at the .NYC Domain Meetups (meetup.nyc) and at NamesCon 2017 next month in Las Vegas.


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  1. There is nothing here that actually requires “Google Analytics”. All it requires is for people to study their server logs. You can do that using server-run log file analytical software without giving away your visitor’s personal data to Google, and selling your soul to the dark side in the process.

    Google only became the all-controlling behemoth it is today due to lazy web authors handing their sites over to them.

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