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“.blog domains are not available!”

I just received today the funniest newsletter email from the .blog registry with the subject “.blog domains are not available!”.

Someone made the best typo of the year in time for Black Friday! It is not only very funny that they typed “not” instead of “now” but this is also more or less true!

.Blog domains are not really available as all 1, 2 and 3 character .blog domains are not available for registration, many domains are either registered or reserved by the registry, and most good or average .blog domains are priced so high (up to $139,999 per year) that no one can buy them.

So yes, .blog domains are not really available!

You can read more about the sloppy .blog launch (that continues with this typo in their Black Friday newsletter) in the articles below starting with the newest and going back all the way back when WordPress and Autommatic announced they were going to operate the .blog extension:

.Blog domains: 16,430 registered after General Availability

.Blog registry explains they did what they did with reserved domains simply because they can!

.Blog domains had a bad landrush phase

The .Blog registry is not releasing ANY 1, 2 and 3 character domain names!

The .Blog registry registered the best .blog domains for itself!

WordPress Expects 250,000 .Blog Domain Name Registrations In 2016

WordPress To Operate .Blog New Top Level Domain Extension, Launching In November 2016


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  1. Wrong word/words or wrong spelling are no strangers; it become a norms! If you think you are perfect, then you are in the wrong planet.??

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