Google creates new domain name registry Back-end Service called Nomulus (Donuts contributes code)

Google is creating a new domain name registry back-end system called Nomulus.

A registry back-end system performs the critical functions that are necessary for a domain name registry to fulfill its technical obligations in running a top-level domain (or TLD, the section of a web address to the right of the dot) — this includes provisioning and maintenance of domains in the registry database and the domain name system (DNS), supplying Whois services, and providing shared access to registration functions for domain name registrars.

Nomulus, a new back-end registry services entrant announced by Google today, brings the latest advances in systems engineering and technical functionality to TLD registries. Designed to be highly scalable, the shared, cloud-based system can provide domain name registries with flexibility, control, latitude for innovation, customization, and operational cost savings.

Donuts Inc. revealed today that the company was invited by Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) in February 2015 to evaluate and contribute code to Google’s Nomulus back-end system. Donuts began contributing code in March of this year.

Donuts’ contributions include technical specifications for the Domains Protected Marks List (DPML), Early Access Period (EAP) and tiered pricing along with other features that take the system well beyond critical back-end functions.

Donuts is currently using the Rightside backend for its 190+ New gTLDs.

According to Donuts co-founder and CEO Paul Stahura, the option to evaluate and contribute to the Google Nomulus project presented a unique opportunity. “As the world’s largest operator of new TLDs, Donuts must continually explore compelling technologies and ensure our back-end operations are cost-efficient and flexible,” he said. “Collaborating with Google on this groundbreaking project is an opportunity to do exactly that.”

“Google has a phenomenal record of stability, an almost peerless engineering team, endless computing resources and global scale. These are additional potential benefits for us and others who may contribute to or utilize the system,” Stahura said. “We have been happy to evaluate and contribute to this open source project over the past 20 months because this platform provides Donuts with an alternative back-end with significant benefits,” Stahura said.

For registrars interested in exploring a Nomulus extensible provisioning protocol (EPP) interface, Donuts has opened a preview environment at More information about access to the system is available to registrars from their Donuts representatives.


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  1. Google’s commitment to the New G’s should not be denied.

  2. There is no question that New GTLDs have got a great ally named Google. Who is the stronger ally for them?

  3. Whois record said, “” repossessed by Godaddy?

  4. Funny to see they use .FOO domain name for the project, currently redirecting to GitHub.

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