The preliminary agenda for NamesCon 2017 was just published

The preliminary agenda for NamesCon 2017 was just published.

This year you can register and pick up your badge on Saturday, January 21st, before the conference starts on Sunday. Network Lane makes a comeback after last year and its success.

More keynote and speaker announcements are coming soon. You can find the complete agenda here:

Here are a few highlights from the 4 days:

Sunday, January 22nd

Jothan Frakes: Opening remarks to welcome attendees and officially launch the 2017 NamesCon event.
Network Lane: Today only! Join us in our speed exhibits hall for an exciting environment of networking and learning about new and returning exhibitors.
Meet the Expert featuring Michael Cyger, Morgan Linton, Monte Cahn and others.
NamesCon Group Photo
Rightside Opening Reception
Monday, January 23rd
Exhibit Hall
Best Practices Selling Domains Through Hosting
Always Be Closing: Case Studies of Recent Domain Sale Negotiations
The State of Premium Domains in 2017
NamesCon Domain Auction 2017, Presented by RightOfTheDot
Tuesday, January 24th
Exhibit Hall
Head to Head: Comparing Domain Registrars
Games Tournament
WaterNight Charity Gala
Wednesday, January 25th
Exhibit Hall
A Look Ahead at the New TLDs
Domain Monetization: Managing a Portfolio for Profit
Bloggers Broadcast: Dispatches from NamesCon 2017
Executive Roundtable: Industry Trends Forecast for 2017

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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. meet the Expert MORGAN LINTON holy s–t wtf? that guy is soft his best domain is probably something like
    meet the expert aka domain king MIKE MANN is more like it.
    presented by rightofthedot that’s the problem. isn’t that Berkins?

    • what has the domaining world come to? visit
      to see MORGAN LINTON ‘s domains. and this is an EXPERT. more like a domain .
      this is it. no more taking these guys who live on serious. they feed off each other
      and its sick. bald media options guy selling other peoples domains acting like they are his. the plant seller
      giving bogus info IMO trying to pump up dead .CC domains and useless .WS and suckups like Silver hey mike hey hey hey guys like me ill play ball with ya tell me what to say. LOL give me a break. back to Morgan Linton since 5/27/1998 yeah (Expert) preach 2 to me.

    • Brandon, Morgan is one of the best guys you will ever meet in domaining. Please come to Namescon and meet him. And he is not only a solid guy but no matter what he thinks he is actually an expert.

      He knows both about domains but also about business and startups from multiple angles.

    • BTW the term expert was given by namescon. It was not something Morgan chose or demanded…

  2. Looks like an interesting line-up this year. Though it doesn’t really feel as impactful as the last 2 years. There’s still time to add more before the event, so I’m sure that this line-up will be modified a bit prior to the event date (Fingers crossed).

  3. @Brandon – you are 100% correct, I’m not an expert. If you look at the agenda my table is about “Entrepreneurial Strategy: Tips for Launching Your Startup”

    Since 2012 I have been running a startup, but to be honest I wouldn’t call myself an expert in that either. I think the “expert” title does get thrown around WAY too much. At 35 I don’t think I’ve had enough experience to be an expert in anything.

    As for Domaining, I’ve been buying and selling domains for 9 years now, still not an expert, but made close to $200,000 in revenue last year so I’m pretty proud of that. Still learning every day though and people like Mike Mann, Michael Berkens, etc. are making millions so they should be the ones with the “expert” title.

  4. “rightofthedot that’s the problem. isn’t that Berkins?”

    Not that is not me any longer that is Monte Cahn

    I’m no longer a shareholder, officer, director of that company resigned all those positions earlier this year and relinquished my shares

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