Dynadot infographic: “The Domain Name Revolution And You”

Dynadot LLC, the San Mateo based domain registrar, created an infographic detailing the domain name revolution and the impact on the registrar.

.Com, .net and .org are still the top selling domains gTLDs while the most popular ccTLDs are .TV, .Me, and .In followed by .cn and .ca.

Dynadot is celebrating that it now offers over 500 TLDs following the release of .SHOPPING into general availability on September 28, 2016 and the release of .SHOP on September 29, 2016.

“Surpassing 500 available TLDs from 30 in just two and a half years is a great example of how quickly our industry is growing.” said Todd Han, President and CEO of Dynadot.

“Whether regional, internationalized or industry specific TLDs, the growth in our space has proven to be more inclusive of the diverse online community, and that’s great news for our customers.”

The Domain Name Revolution and You!


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  1. Q: What to choose?

    A: .COM

  2. what a scheme!, I purchased hundreds of new gTLDs, and it is true, FAIL!, .com will always be king, whenever I open a magazine,newspaper, go to a concert, sport event, all I see is .com….

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